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Transgender Short Film, Sam

“Sam” is a short film about gender identity and LGBTQ bullying written and directed by Sal Bardo. Synopsis: After being bullied at school for a boy, Sam escapes into the fields surrounding his house.

Sal Bardo is an award-winning writer-director whose films and music videos often tackle issues affecting gay and LGBT communities and have screened at film festivals around the world. Sal’s official YouTube channel brings you trailers, sneak peeks, full movies, and more!

Date: 2013-11-11 21:42:11
Duration: 00:10:43


Men Attracted to Trans Women are Gay?

The answer is not as straight forward as you might think! Something as complex as sexuality cannot be fully covered in a 3 minute video, but here’s some food for thoughts about who are attracted to transsexuals, and their sexuality.

Video Date: 2013-09-16 08:39:34
Video Duration: 00:03:58

LGBT Short Movie, Love is All You Need

R Teen bulling and teen suicide based on someone’s sexual preference – and this movie turns the tables on modern society.
WingSpan Pictures is currently seeking funding to bring it to a bigger audience. Please contact to see how you can help!

Lexi’s IMDB Page:

Lexi DiBenedetto brings a best actress performance at the Sonoma International Film Festival. This film delivers life of those who are ridiculed, teased and bullied for being themselves. Feel the sting by writers. No gimmicky cliches, just raw emotion of a gay world. How Would You Live If You Couldn’t Love?

Date: 2012-08-16 07:34:10
Duration: 00:19:13

LiMandri email: DeMaio promised, LGBT not a priority

San Diego CityBeat reported yesterday that it had received a copy of an email in which a prominent supporter of City Councilman Carl DeMaio’s mayoral campaign says DeMaio “ … specifically promised me, as a condition of my support, that he would not push the gay agenda issues (including same-sex marriage) as did Mayor Sanders. Rather, he was emphatic with me that he did not believe that the mayor should concern himself with these issues as they are not his responsibility.”

Charles LiMandri, the purported author of the email, is an infamous figure in San Diego’s LGBT, progressive and allied communities. He was the attorney who brought the case against the San Diego Fire Department for “forcing” firefighters to march in the LGBT Pride parade. More importantly to many, LiMandri was the attorney for the anti-LGBT, National Organization for Marriage during the Proposition 8 fight.

San Diego LGBT Weekly has been reporting for several months about the fact that DeMaio has garnered and boasted of endorsements from numerous anti-LGBT equality activists and major financial backers of 2008’s Proposition 8, which outlawed same-sex marriage in California.

The list of donors and endorsers includes powerful right-wingers, such as local storage-industry multi-millionaire, Brian Caster, and former San Diego mayor and talk-radio host, Roger Hedgecock, as well as former judge Larry Stirling.

The LiMandri email was sent to anti-LGBT activist and “ex-gay,” Jim Hartline. In what may be the ultimate irony, Hartline turned over the email exchange to CityBeat because he felt LiMandri was undermining the conservative agenda by supporting DeMaio.

San Diego LGBT Weekly publisher, Stampp Corbin postulated in his Message from our Publisher entitled “Carl DeMaio: Selling his Soul in the Mayoral Race,” (March 15, Issue 69) that DeMaio sold out the LGBT community to get donations and endorsements from anti-LGBT advocates. Corbin believes this latest news confirms his earlier assertion.

“Is this what our community expects from our potential LGBT mayor?” Corbin asks. “Our issues will not be a part of his administration because it is not the responsibility of a mayor? New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome, former District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty and our current mayor in San Diego would disagree. Each of them advanced LGBT rights during their administrations.”

In fact, hundreds of U.S. mayors disagree with DeMaio, having become part of the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry, a group led in part by Mayor Jerry Sanders.

Leaders in the LGBT community, such as Corbin worry that, ironically, electing Carl DeMaio mayor could send the clock backward for local LGBTs.

“As the eighth largest city in America, should San Diego expect the same advocacy from our leader as is enjoyed by cities from Ft. Lauderdale to Tacoma, Washington; Hallowell, Maine to Los Angeles?” asks Corbin. “DeMaio needs to tell our community that LiMandri is a liar or that he made this deal for a $500 donation. Our community deserves answers before primary election day, June 5.”

Neither Charles LiMandri nor Carl DeMaio responded to requests for comment.

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Pride parade seeks active-duty servicemembers

After making history last year with the first active-duty military contingent in a Pride parade in the U.S., San Diego LGBT Pride is organizing an even bigger contingent for this year’s Pride event. The theme for this first post-DADT Pride is America’s Pride and it will be held July 20-22.

San Diego Pride stated on its Military Contingent: San Diego Pride 2012 Facebook page, “This year we want to support our LGBT servicemembers even more! Our theme this year is America’s Pride because equality is an American value. Honoring our servicemembers and veterans and LGBT military families is an important part of this message.”

America’s Pride main event highlights will be:

Friday, July 20 at 6 p.m.

Spirit of Stonewall Rally: Celebrating the LGBT victories of the last year including the repeal of DADT.

Saturday, July 21 at 11 a.m.

Pride parade: Featuring the active-duty military contingent.

Pride festival: Discounted active-duty tickets available at the festival site for half price.

Discounted travel can be found at

Participants wanting to walk in the military contingent in uniform can request to do so from their commanding officer.

Register at

Top 5 Transgender Characters in Video Games

Over the past decade transgender people have become more visible in movies and television. But what about our favorite medium, video games? These are the best known transsexual characters in gaming.

Poison – Final fight / Street fighter x Tekken

Poison stars in the Final Fight and Street Fighter video game series. She is officially described as a ‘post-op transsexual’ but not in Japan. According to the Japanese designers of Street Fighter she simply tucks her business away to look female.

Bridget – Guilty Gear XX

Bridget shows strong determination when it comes to proving himself as a man in Guilty Gear XX. This confident transsexual prefers to correct others when they mistake him for a girl. Unfortunately they don’t see him as a serious threat and simply regard him as an annoyance.

Naota Shirogane by Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

In Persona 4 the gender of the young detective Naoto remains a mystery at first. You eventually find out this female dresses. If you go down the romantic route with her, Naoto asks if you prefer with a low or high voice.

Kainé to Nier

Kaine is a female-bodied character with a penis. According to the mythology of Nier, she became a hermaphrodite after being possessed by a demon. Kaine’s attitude is manly but she emphasizes her female qualities through a racy fashion style.

Birdo – Super Mario Bros. 2nd

Birdo is considered to be the first transsexual in gaming. Super Mario Bros. 2, Birdo was described in the manual as such … After confused reactions by gamers Nintendo decided to scrap this line in later manuals. Even if she is considered a full fledged female by Nintendo … we all know her little secret.

Video Date: 2012-02-29 17:46:32
Video Duration: 00:02:36

Boy Culture, Movie Trailer

BOY CULTURE is a candid confession of “X”, a wildly successful male escort. After ten years of sex-for-pay, “X” gets romantically entangled with two hot roommates and a reclusive elderly client, Gregory. But before Gregory will agree to sex, he tells you an unsetting love story: “X” to try something he hasn’t felt for years: emotion.

Based on the critically-acclaimed novel by Matthew Rettenmund, BOY CULTURE takes on issues of sexual mores and emotional risk, revealing the leap of faith that love demands.

Cast: Derek Magyar, George Jonson, Patrick Bauchau, Darryl Stephens, Peyton Hinson, Jonathon Trent, Kyle Santler, Emily Brooke Hands, Matt Riedy, Clifford Harrington, Molly Manago, Demene E. Hall, William Hall Jr., Joël René, Kibibi Monia.

Keywords: Roommate, Confession, Male Prostitute, Vulnerable, Intergenerational Friendship, Gay Black Man, Fear Of Commitment, Marriage, Homosexuality, Seattle, Gay, Unrequited Love, Gay Bar, Hustler, Hooker, Wedding, Gay Teenager, Homosexual, Coming Out, Housemate, Prostitute, Gay Interest, Threesome, Ex Girlfriend, Defense Mechanism, Based On Novel, Love Costs.

Date: 2009-02-21 23:06:48
Duration: 00:01:46

Boys Love, Gay Love International Movie Trailer

Boy Love, Akira Mamiya (Kotani Yoshikazu) sets out to profile teen model Kisaragi Noeru (Saito Takumi). Mamiya becomes taken with the young man while viewing his paintings. The two continue their interview over dinner, and dinner stall. A relationship develops between the usually straight-laced Mamiya and irresponsible pretty-boy Noeru. But it’s a relationship fraught with peril. Jealous schoolmates, too much booze, random men, and a career conspire to test whether a BOYS LOVE can survive.

Also Known As (AKA): Gay Love International (English title)

Date: 2009-05-03 21:36:21
Duration: 00:01:38