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Famous Television Presenter Phillip Schofield: I’m Gay

Phillip Schofield, one of the UK’s top ITV screens, announced today that he is gay. “I’m gay. There has been a lot of heartbreaking talk in this house,” said Schofield, who has been married for 27 years and has  daughters named Molly and Ruby.

Phillip Schofield, one of the UK’s best-known presenter, announced that he was gay. Schofield, who made the statement on Instagram, did so after thanking his wife Steph and daughters Molly and Ruby for 27 years.

Schofield, 57, said his family was very supportive and said, “Steph was great, I love him. My daughters were great too, they supported me. ”

Schofield said, “Being gay for a reason is something to celebrate and be proud of. Honestly, I hope to find peace in my head and keep going.” “This decision is very important for me and my mental health,” said Schofield, who introduced the morning program “This Morning”. I explain it to people to relax. ”

Schofield said that many dark moments in his family life had been experienced several times at home and that there were dialogues and discussions that caused a lot of suffering.


First Same-Sex Marriage Takes Place in Ireland

Sharni Edwards, from Brighton and Robyn Peoples, from Belfast, will be the first same-sex, lesbian couple in Northern Ireland to get married next week.

A senior care worker and waiter will make history next week when they become the first same-sex couple to be married in Northern Ireland.

Robyn Peoples from Belfast and Sharni Edwards, who is originally from Brighton, will tie the knot on Tuesday.

The wedding will take place in Carrickfergus, one day after same-sex marriages become legal in Northern Ireland for the first time.

Next week is the first week that same-sex couples in Northern Ireland can legally get married.

Robyn, 26, and Sharni, 27, met five years ago at a gay bar in Belfast.

France Removes Transgender From Psychological Disease List

French health minister Roseline Bachelot, who said transgender people will be excluded from the “mental illness” list in May, signed a decree last week. Immediately afterwards, Iran made it clear that it could make the same decision. Everyone is watching the Chevrilmishken World Health Organization, the President of the Idaho Association spoke to Joel Bedos and transgender people in Turkey.

Isn’t this a situation where a person feels the opposite sex, how the opposite sex wants to be and has not yet been accepted by society? Stop saying, “I accept the gender identity of transgender people.” We remember them with shame for our moral understanding. We succumb to our transphobia and close all doors in front of their faces. We endure sex work and consider it “shameful”. We are not talking about their victims of honor killings. Who knows how many transgender people are infected with their blood and body?

Aksam 21, 2010

Short-Term Freedom of Homosexuals in Russia

Afanasy Shaur, a member of the Russian Baltic Fleet, organized an extraordinary gay wedding in Petrograd in January 1921.

Guests included 95 army soldiers, including retired soldiers and a woman in a man’s costume.

There have been no such activities in the city yet.

Shaur went out of his way to organize an extraordinary party because he did not think that many guests would come if he had an ordinary party.

On the other hand, bread and salt, one of Russia’s traditional wedding ceremonies, was not lacking in things like family permits and concerts.

At that time, the gay community in Russia experienced a short period of tolerance.

After the October Revolution, the Bolsheviks rewrote the country’s laws. In the two criminal laws of 1922 and 1926, homosexual relations were not defined as crimes.

But the marriage in Petrograd was not seen that way.

Afanasy Shaur was a member of the secret police and all of the guests were arrested during the wedding.

It turned out that Shaur had organized all the events to make his bosses happy. Shaur argued that these retired soldiers were counterrevolutionaries who wanted to overthrow the young Red Army from within.

But Shaur’s accusations did not hold up. The case was closed and nothing happened to those accused of “counterrevolutionism”.

Homosexual men had founded clandestine communities in Russia long before the revolution, and they knew each other by their “secret fashion options”.

San In St. Petersburg, there were red bows or scarves in which they sewed the back pockets of their pants.

Others preferred to apply blush and mascara on their faces.

After the revolution, more and more people started to imitate this style with the popular “Stummfilmstar” makeup.

While the revolution and the conflicts that followed were difficult for Russia, homosexuals in Europe could not wear fancy clothes and luxury accessories like homosexuals.

The persecution, although legal, continues

The Bolsheviks were indirectly influenced by the German scientist Margnus Hirschfeld, who founded the Institute of Sexology in Berlin. Hirschfeld argued that homosexuality is not a disease, but a natural expression of human sexuality.

Although homosexuality was not a crime in the penal code of the 1920s, the gay community continues to be prosecuted. Gay men were often beaten, threatened or fired.

Others said they lived by writing sincere letters to psychiatrist Vladimir Bekhterev, whom they saw as their last hope. Some of the homosexuals who saved their savings asked for help to get rid of the depression, and others said, “Treat our disease.”

These letters and other documents show how courageous the homosexuals of that time were, and some of them looked like real women when they wore women’s dresses and corsets and stretched their hair.

“Aristocrats” and “people”
Interestingly, gay men continued to divide according to their social strata, even though the revolution eliminated class division. The two gay communities have rarely interacted with each other.

The first of these groups were the “aristocrats”, including nobles, civil servants, high-ranking soldiers and creative intellectuals.

The other community was made up of “people”. Even their names were given by aristocrats. Among them were people like soldiers, sailors and employees who had not been invited to the impressive halls of Saint Petersburg by aristocrats before the revolution.

In the 1920s, the “transvestite theater”, in which everyone in Germany wore clothes of the opposite sex, became popular among Soviet gays. She was particularly fascinated by the star of the Berlin nightclub “El Dorado”, Hansi Sturm.

“Aristocrats” rarely invited handsome “men” into their souls. But men in female clothing were exempt from class divisions.

Their closets were full of beautiful costumes sewn by professional tailors. They hired some of the famous tailors from Petrograd, Leifert.

Before the revolution, Leifert made costumes for the dancers of the Mariinsky theater and was also a supplier to the royal family.

Unhappy end

There was no significant marriage or detention in the 1920s after Afanasy Shaur caught the “counter-revolutionaries” with an extravagant gay marriage.

Although homosexuality is tolerated, the gay community began to lose their freedoms in the 1930s.


BBC Turkish

Gay initiative from IKEA

IKEA has supported gay couples and same-sex marriages by stating in their ad in the United States, “All the houses are the same.”

According to News, IKEA, the furniture and appliance giant, spoke of the words “All people are equal” and said, “All houses are the same” in the US magazine ad.

The presentation by IKEA of two men of different races, namely “interracial” in the same ad, was not overlooked.

IKEA is active in many European countries and has previously published ads that support LGBTI people. IKEA advertisements in Turkey do not mention homosexuals and are not linked to the emphasis on equality.

2016 – Local News

Turkey, One of The Most Homophobic Countries Against LGBT

Association to combat child abuse and neglect: Everyone has the right to live their life the way they want.

The Association to Combat Child Abuse and Neglect, which confirmed that the march of honor was valued differently by different social classes, conducted a study to see LGBTIs from their own eyes. Turkey is currently there, but the Ottoman Empire is one of the countries with majority intolerance to the last four fathers, Sultan Abdulmecid of LGBT. For the first time in more than 150 years, the association reminds that homosexuality is a crime of being away: “We ask you because I wanted everyone’s life. He called to say at least one person in his area he has the right to live that everyone has the right to love what he wants. ”

Pointing to a family who consulted a psychologist working at the Psychological Support Coordination Center, the club asked that the “homosexual behavior” of their 15-year-old son be treated as the main reason for conducting this study. When it was said that this is not a disease and therefore it is not possible to treat it, the mother said: “If your son says cancer, he can accept it. But it is not possible to accept what he says. Let’s go to another specialist. ” and the family separated.

The research work prepared by the association includes numerous articles, international research work and expert opinions as follows:

“We wanted to go abroad first. In the decision of the governor of the State of California,” studies on the treatment of homosexuals are prohibited because they have no scientific and medical basis. “Homosexuals are all murdered 24 hours a day in Brazil, where there is the greatest participation in the March of Honor in the world, while the rainbow-colored flags of religious terrorist organizations are hanging in front of a police station in the United Kingdom to represent solidarity with Iraq, Syria, Libya One of the questions asked to measure tolerance for homosexuality in an international survey conducted by the Netherlands was “No.” 85% of the answers in our country were “No.” Other than that “No” reasons, although “Yes” is the main common characteristic of those who say that an LGBT has been granted, that they speak or have worked together, according to this study, Turkey is one of the most intolerant countries in the world against LGBT.

“Abdulmecid had banished homosexuality from the crime”
Some of the countries in the same category as our country; Zimbabwe, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Iraq, South Korea. Homosexuality is a crime in almost all of these countries. Abdulmecid, the father of the last four sultans in our country, had banished homosexuality from the crime more than 150 years ago.

According to the International Association of Lesbians and Gays, the number of LGBTI people worldwide is just under 3,000 million. “Gays are inferior to pigs and dogs,” he said. “We love the Creator for the Creator,” said Zimbabwe. Should the geography in which Yunus Emre grew up fall into the same category? Should the geography in which Mevlana Celalettin Rumi grows grow together with the Middle East countries where they marry using violence to correct homosexuals, where lesbians are raped, and the police and militia who take up their duties, not as Crimes apply? Law?

AYM: “Deviant” is hate speech, it is a crime
Given that the Constitutional Court has ruled that a “dissenting” discourse is contrary to the Constitution and is considered a hate speech crime. The State Council found that the layoff of the gay teacher was illegal and decided in favor of the teacher. A delegation from the Supreme Criminal Court sentenced the murdered father to life in the head of his 17-year-old homosexual son and uncle, who he instigated. Memoranda of Understanding; Instead of “sexual preferences”, we had prosecutors who could print the phrase “sexual orientation”.

While it can copy examples, our country; How true is it in the same category as countries like Rwanda and Ghana? Of course, our country and the world today weren’t easy on LGBTI rights. Especially those working in the entertainment industry became very violent and jobs were ransacked.

The general expectation, of course, is not that a governor will join the Pride March and hide a rainbow flag in his hand. However, tens of thousands of people are taking part in this march, a

Protests at The Screening of the Gay Love Movie in Georgia

There were clashes between hundreds of far-right protesters and policemen who protested against the film on a gala night in Tbilisi, the capital “And then we danced”, which talks about the love of two ballet dancers in Georgia.

On Saturday, police said 25 people were arrested as a result of the clashes. According to reports, a young woman and two police officers who watched the movie were injured.

Protesters who burned the rainbow flag of LGBTI people in front of the cinema threw smoke bombs and cartridges at the entrance of the hall when they blocked the streets of the cinema.

Tina Yukhutashvili, 22, told Reuters: “It’s not normal for me to need police protection to go to the movies.”

“And then we dance,” a joint production of Georgia and Sweden, was shown at many festivals, even in Cannes.

The film, which is much appreciated by critics and film screenings at festivals, is officially nominated for an Oscar in Sweden.

As for the movie “This is my love letter to Georgia,” the first movie tickets in Georgia sold out a few days ago.

Akin said it was “absurd” for people who wanted to see a movie have a chance in relation to the protests. In a statement after the protests, he said: “Appreciate all the brave people who watch the movie.”

The movie, which was released in several halls in Georgia, sold out a few days ago.

However, the Orthodox Church and far-right groups in the country made statements condemning the film on the grounds that the film “offends their beliefs and values” and announced that they would organize protests.

In some rooms, it was noted that church officials prayed at the entrance.

2019 – BBC

She Changed Her Mind About Marriage Equality

CDU President and Federal Defense Minister Annegret Crump Carrenbauer, who announced in 2015 that she was against marriage equality, has changed his mind.

Carrenbauer said at an event organized by the Gay Association initiative as part of the CDU: “Getting married is not a problem for me and everyone. Everyone was married and legally accepted. Now it’s done. In this case, a bath joke against homosexuals made by Carrenbauer in the past months was also mentioned.

Carrenbauer spoke about the toilets that men and women had used at a festival that had previously taken place in Berlin. “For men who don’t know whether to sit or stand with them,” these words were considered offensive to homosexuals. Karrenbauer has been sharply criticized on social networks.

Gay changed his mind about marriage

Carrenbauer spoke at an initiative event that his joke had been misunderstood and distorted. Carrenbauer said that he was not gay: “I am known to the public as a good Catholic. But I’m not blindly tied to Papa. If it were, I would not advocate women being priestesses. Carrenbauer also took many photos with members and managers who are known as homosexuals in the CDU.

Annegret Kramp Carrenbauer, who previously stated that he was against a gay marriage, was elected “Queen of Homophobia” in an investigation by the Enough, Enough Gay Rights Group.


13.09.2019 – HRT

LGBT People Must Not Be Invisible In The Media

Ruby Rose has highlighted the importance of LGBT people in the media in supporting young people at the GLAAD Media Awards.

During her acceptance speech for the Stephen F Kolzak Award, Rose said she knows too well the sense of yearning young people have for characters they can relate to in television. And she is grateful that she is now part of a show that gives others hope and inspiration.

“I’m just so blessed to have experienced both sides of this journey. To have searched endlessly for…someone I can relate to on TV – and then coming full circle and being in a show that I know has done the same thing for so many people.”

“I truly understand how important it is that we are not invisible. That young people everywhere can turn to the media and be included. Not treated like they do not or should not exist.”

Rose praised the work of GLAAD for its tireless efforts in the media.

“Slowly but surely, year after year, I’ve watched the world change, and it’s evolving. And we’ve come such a long way. And that is because of GLAAD. GLAAD was there pushing the studios to do better, demanding that the LGBT community be represented.”

Taylor Swift presented Rose the award, which is presented to an LGBT + “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender +” media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance.

Here’s the winners from the 2016 GLAAD Media Awards

• Vanguard Award: Demi Lovato 

• Stephen F. Kolzak Award: Ruby Rose 

• Outstanding Reality Program: TIE: I Am Cait and I Am Jazz 

• Outstanding TV Movie or Limited Series: Bessie 

• Outstanding Drama Series: Sense8

• Outstanding Spanish-Language Television Interview: “Orientación sexual y acoso escolar” Realidades en Contexto 

• Outstanding Film – Wide Release: Carol 

• Outstanding Comedy Series: Transparent 

• Outstanding Documentary: “Kumu Hina” 

• Outstanding Daily Drama: The Bold and The Beautiful

• Outstanding Music Artist: Troye Sivan, Blue Neighbourhood 

• Outstanding Comic Book: Lumberjanes, written by Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh 

• Outstanding Talk Show Episode: “Janet Mock” Super Soul Sunday

04 APRIL 2016 – GNN

UK’s First LGBT TV Channel Starts Broadcasting

Britain’s leading LGBT + television channel starts broadcasting. The channel will be available in the Greater Brighton area via Freeview 7 and Virgin Media 159 next month
Britain’s leading LGBT + news and entertainment broadcaster starts broadcasting. The channel will be available in the Greater Brighton area via Freeview 7 and Virgin Media 159 next month.

In addition to news and documentaries on the broadcaster, LGBTI films from around the world are shown and queer filmmakers are provided with a platform.

“I am delighted to have spearheaded one of the most exciting developments in British television,” said TV host Sophie Cook on the stage in question. It is a real opportunity to change people’s lives. We want to entertain, educate and inspire our audience. ”

In addition to a weekly news and talk show called Beyond the Rainbow, Cook will also prepare documentaries for the broadcaster.

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