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15 Secret Asexuality Confessions

The complex universe of asexuals is still little known, little told and above all little understood.
Asexuality is sexual orientation characterized by a lack of interest or desire for sex. Therefore, an asexual person does not experience any physical attraction towards others, not even his partner.

What does it mean to be asexual and how do you explain it to others? Is it possible, as asexuals, to think that you have a lasting relationship?
In this Buzzfeed video, 15 asexual people confess on the social Whisper. Below the video you will find the translation.

My best friend just came out as an asexual … I don’t know if I should tell her that I am too.

When I tell people that I am asexual, they look at me like I am a caz * or unicorn … According to many people, we don’t exist.

I am openly asexual at school but not at home. I tried to tell mine but they say it is a phase, and that I will think differently growing up.

It makes me angry when people laugh because I’m 17 and still a virgin. They don’t understand that I’m asexual.

I don’t understand when people say “You can’t know you’re asexual if you’ve never tried to have sex.” It’s like saying “You can’t know you’re heterosexual if you’ve never tried to be with someone of the same sex.”

Today I told the girl that she has a crush on me that I am asexual. Now he hates me.

I’m afraid people wouldn’t find me so cute if they found out I’m asexual.

Just because I’m not sexually attracted to anyone and I don’t want to have sex doesn’t mean I don’t want a love affair.

I feel that being asexual reduces my chances of finding a relationship.

Asexuals don’t find love … nowadays it seems that love without sex is not possible.

I am asexual. I am also a rape victim. Even if people try to tell me that the two are connected, I can say 100% that these two are completely disconnected from each other.

The thing that scares me most about the future is to spend it alone, because I am asexual.

I just told my boyfriend I was asexual. He was absolutely comfortable. I love him so much.

To all my asexual friends out there … you are not wrong. We are not wrong.

I’m asexual and I’m hot to die for!