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Another Gay Movie, Movie Trailer

This movie is totally lighthearted and non-stop funny with adorable guys, silly satire and music. A take-off on the teen genre but totally wink-wink and sweet. I wasn’t crazy about the Nambla joke but this movie is totally in its right place. After all, don’t gay teens deserve the same coming-of-age movie that straight teens do? Sure, it’s not for the weakness of the heart or the religious fundamentalist, but who cares? It’s good, dirty fun about love, sex, desire and friendship. Sure, it’s a fantasy world with understanding parents, hot teachers, no homophobia and true love but that was my favorite thing about the movie. Graham Norton, Richard Hatch, Scott Thompson, and many others. I shall never look at the same way as Graham Norton. See this movie, it’s totally great …

Date: 2008-03-31 21:23:35
Duration: 00:02:15