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The Gay Referee’s Compensation Decision Has Been Overturned

Gay, Former referee Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ had received 23,000 assignments from the Turkish Football Association, claiming they worked by gender. When the Supreme Court annulled the compensation decision, the process was repeated. The court decided to dismiss the case after the Supreme Court decided to annul it.

Former football referee Halil ibrahim Dinçdağ, a gender identity, refused to say this because the Turkish Football Association (TFF) had been processed in 2010. On December 29, 2015, the Istanbul Civil Court decided to accept partially the case and ordered the TFF to pay compensation of 23,000 lira, 3,000 lira financially and 20,000 lira spiritually.


After the case was tried, the FFT lawyers and Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ filed an application with the Supreme Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court accepted the requests of the parties, ruling that the person injured by the violation of their right to privacy could request compensation and that realistic conditions should be created to request such compensation and held that the conditions the species did not occur. With the dismissal request, the case was filed in favor of TFF.


After the decision of the Supreme Court to overthrow Halil, İbrahim Dinçdağ, who served as arbitrator for 14 years, returned to the TFF. During the hearing before the Civil Court in Istanbul, Dinçdağ’s lawyer, Fırat, said his client had violated his personal rights and asked the court to oppose the previous decision. The TFF lawyer said he demanded respect from the Supreme Court of Appeals. The court, which decided to follow the order of annulment of the Supreme Court, decided to close the case.

Source: SOZCU


There Are Many Lesbians Among Celebrities

Hande Yener made surprising statements in a program in which he participated.

In a program he attended, Hande Yener said when the producers knocked on his door, he found strange offers and many people who are now unknown are also signed.

According to the news from; Hande Yener, who was invited to Stay with Us, said that she didn’t leave the door to make an album, but left the door, but found strange words. such as “You can go and extract beans at home.” Hande Yener said that she always came home sadly and asked what the producers wanted. “They say it will be ours.” It was not. “When Hande Yener said that one of the problems that bothered him at the time was the producers who had made such strange requests, he said,” Then these people direct the music of this country.


Yener said that many people whose names are unknown and who have not yet become known under the terms of the producers, many of whom have never released their albums. He couldn’t say it. I wasn’t even known. “It happened to me, it happened.” You have signed contracts with so many people, “he said.


Yener said when he took part in a pride, he replied that he answered the question whether there were lesbians among celebrities and that he replied. Yener said that “everyone’s … life is self-explanatory” and that there are gays and lesbians among celebrities and that almost everyone realizes that they don’t have to explain their life to people. “Neutrality is also partisan,” said Hande Yener, saying that he cannot remain insensitive to homosexual murder, feel unemployed, support her, and therefore support her.


Campaign Video Against Sexism from the Advertisers Association

The video of the Advertisers Association, which attracted attention to sexism in advertisements, went viral on social media.

“A woman passes through places called impassable with the off-road vehicle”

“A man comes from stubborn stains”

The words are from the campaign launched by the Advertisers Association.

The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to sexism in advertisements and to change sexist concepts.

In advertisements, female representation is 40 percent and male representation is 60 percent.

The slogan of the campaign is “Ads Change, Society Change”.

Campaign images are on billboards in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

The association announced the campaign’s announcement from its social media account, “Advertising is the most powerful source for changing perceptions and transforming gender inequality. Our new campaign is at Open Air in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir with the slogan “Ads Change, Society Changes”.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex Tv

Pink Life Queer Film Festival Program

The festival, which will start on 23 January, includes many events, from TERF event to LGBTI + archiving, to stories from queer players.

KuirFest, which will take place between 23-26 January, will meet its audience this year with enjoyable activities. The program, which will have a total of 7 events, includes many different topics, from the TERF event to LGBTI + archiving, to the stories that turn into the meeting of queer players.

The opening of the festival will be held on January 23, 2019 at 21:00 in Babylon and will be held with the party that Banu Alkan will also attend. The program of the three-day festival is as follows:

January 24: ‘Transforming Stories’ conversation
The “Transforming Stories” conversation to be held on January 24 will take place at 19:00 in Istanbul. Before the interview, the movie “Patriarchal Rituals” will be screened about Jules Rosskam’s journey to begin to understand the disconnection with his family and his rediscovery of his survival story.

Patriarchal Rituals, which are described from their surviving perspective and have trans-subjectivity, provide a valuable example of the transformative power of stories while building a bridge between Rosskam’s past and present. The participants of the conversation, which will discuss the transformative possibilities of their surviving stories, are Nayuk (Nazlı Mayuk) and Hilal Esmer.

Cocoa of Terf Argument (?)
In the event, an event is organized on January 24 to refute the arguments of the transphobic alliance known as Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism (TERF) one by one.

9. Pink Life KuirFest aims to respond to these transphobic discourses through the screening of the Transition / Adaptation documentary on Saturday, January 24 at 20:00. After the screening, with the participation of activists Beren Azizi and Vanessa Lee Nic, the roots of the debate will go down and all the arguments of this transphobic alliance will be reconsidered one by one.

Queer Players Talk
Friday, January 24, at 18: 00 which will take place in “Kui Cast Speaks” event, “he Kudan Turkey Shorts” is scheduled to be done immediately after the screening of a selection. A conversation will be held about queer actors, acting and heteronormative stage world, their experiences as queer actors in the stage world and their struggle for survival. He will be a participant in the conversation of Bulut B. Sezer and Nihal Albayrak.

January 25: Why LGBTI + archiving matters?
The “Why is LGBTI + archiving important?” Conversation on January 25 will take the place of archiving in the LGBTI + struggle with the example of Lambdaİstanbul.

Archives, who have been focusing on the lez-bi feminist archive collective that has been operating in New York since 1970, aims to reopen LGBTI + history and archivalism in the field of activism. The place of writing history and archiving in the LGBTI + struggle will be discussed with the example of Lambdaİstanbul. “Why should archives be created and why is it important to protect the archive? The panel, which aims to find answers to various questions such as how activism is associated with the archive, calls on everyone who aims to establish the future by carrying the projection of the past to the present. The participants of the interview are Lara Güney Özlen and Okay Gökmen.

‘Writing with Body, Increasing While Writing’
In the conversation “Choosing with Body, Reproducing While Writing”, where Seçil Epik and Sevcan Tiftik will participate, it will be talked about writing as an action practice. The interview will take place after the screening of the Lemebel documentary, which tells the life of writer, activist and visual artist Pedro Lemebel, one of the leading names in the queer movement in America.

‘Round Table: Na-Binaries Gathering Together!’
The “Round Table: Na-Binaries Come Together” event, which will start on Saturday, January 25 at 15.00; It invites all na-binaries to sit at the same table, who want to listen to the stories of na-binaries, share their stories or just take part in this event. Emphasizing the purpose of the event by saying “creating a contact area in the benevolent atmosphere of being together”, KuirFest plans to increase the visibility and enlighten all the scope of the trans umbrella by bringing all na-binaries together.

January 26: Our Şugar Movies: On QTIPOC Movies
In the 9th Pink Life KuirFest, there will be a talk about QTIPOC cinema with Marc David Jacobs from Scottish Kuir International Film Festival.

Marc David Jacobs from Scottish Kuir International Film Festival is attending the conversation “On Our Shugar Films: On QTIPOC Films” which will be held on Sunday, January 26 at 19:15. The interview will be held right after the movie My Şugar Laundry, which is one of the important films of the New Queer Cinema of the 1980s.

Punishment For The Tv Series That Includes Gay Relationships

Turkey, The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) was given the highest rate of administrative fines and program interruptions to Fox Life channel because of the “Jane The Virgin” series, which included homosexual relationships.

According to the statement made by RTÜK, at the last meeting of the Supreme Council, Jane The Virgin series was discussed because of “neglecting national and moral values, and adversely affecting the physical and spiritual development of children and young people”.

Considering that as the frequency of gay relationships on the screen increases, children and young people normalize these relationships, become insensitive, and that the moral values ​​of the society deteriorate, the highest rate of administrative fines and program interruptions were imposed on the Fox Life channel.

On the other hand, RTÜK applied administrative penalty and 5 times program stop sanction on the channel of Mega Suare, which promotes and sells sexual performance enhancing products with a health declaration.

In addition, administrative fines were imposed on One Bal TV, fake herbal products, different TV, World Beauty Channel, Maksim TV, Mega Music, Hazan TV and Berat TV.

NTV – 13.06.2019

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex in Turkish Tv Series

As long as foreign series followers know, there are LGBTI individuals in almost every series for a while – especially in the last 10 years – next to LGBTI themed series. They appear in very small roles (like detective TV shows), and they are one of the cornerstones of the story (Six Feet Under). But what has been done about this issue in our country so far? In which productions have LGBTI individuals been involved and how important was their place in the series’ story? If you are curious about the answers to these questions, I invite you to continue the article. But it is useful to say from the beginning: I did not list the TV series that host LGBTI individuals who have been fooled and put up in nonsense roles.

The Power of Love, aired on Show TV in 1993. The Power of Love, which we saw Türker Inanoglu in his producer chair, was about a beautiful woman with a normal life stepping into the world of photomodelism and modeling. You guess that entering the world also meant sitting on the wolves’ table. The gay character of the series, which featured Hülya Avşar, was played by Volkan Severcan. We also saw Engin Koç in the role of the lover of our character. In this double mortar, the scenes of Hülya Avşar and Merih Akalın were also present in the series. Actually, these scenes existed on Youtube before but I cannot share it here because it was removed later. Those who wonder can reach the credits from here.

Pavement Flower We see Türker İnanoğlu again in the producer seat of the series published on Atv in 1996. The Sidewalk Flower, which chose the back streets of Beyoğlu as a venue, generally revolved around 2 prostitutes and their salesmen. The gay character of the series was Memos, the seller. In Pavement Flower, it was possible to see scenes from trans individuals and gay bars frequently. Two prostitutes in the series played Sibel Can and Hande Ataizi. In the role of Memos, Volkan Severcan appeared before us. Also in the staff; It is also possible to see Hakan Ural, Salih Güney and Nil Burak. Those who wonder can reach the credits of the series from here, and the first part of it here.

All alone, the producer of the series, which was broadcast on ATV in 2001, is Türker İnanoğlu, as in the other two. With an ordinary, joyful girl named Funda entering the world of modeling and photomodeling, her changing life was the subject of the series. Funda, who entered this world, became a drug addict in time, and even prostituted when he came to his place. The fact that our character, who fell in prison in one part of the series, was with one of the female prisoners for the pill, was the gay part of All alone. Our players in the series we follow Rose Shadow in Heather role of Turkey in the vamp male mind first from the name Faruk Peker, model and actor who Tugba Özay and Hakan, who took part in the sidewalk my flower mentioned above was accompanied by the Urals.

Campusistan The youth series that started in Kanal D in 2003 was developing around a group of university students in Istanbul, mostly studying veterinary medicine. One of our young people, modern dance student Mahmut, was gay, and Istemihan Tuna played the character of Mahmut in the cast including names such as Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Tuğçe Kazaz and Burak Altay.
Those who wonder can reach the credits of the series from here and the first 4 episodes from here.

An Istanbul Tale was the producer of the series, which was broadcast on ATV in 2003, Erol Avcı. The rich Arhan family living in a mansion in Istanbul and the Kozan family, working with them for years, have a story that intersects with a love story and was among the most watched at the time it was broadcast. The name of the gay character in the series was Zekeriya. Zechariah was working in the holding of our rich family. When the series was released again in 2010, its censored parts were thrown directly. The names of an Istanbul Tale included Mehmet Aslantuğ, Ozan Güven, Ahu Türkpençe and Altan Erkekli. Emre Karayel, who is currently in the series 1 Woman 1 Man, gave life to the character of Zekeriya. Those who wonder, can reach the credits of the series here.

Perfect Couple The series that started in Kanal D in the summer of 2010 was the Turkish adaptation of the series called Los exitosos Pells. News servers Bora and Ayça behave as if they have relations with the cameras so that they do not affect the course of the program. But the thing is, Bora is gay. It even has a relationship with Yiğit, who owns the son of the channel. The gay kissing scene in the series was not broadcast due to the fact that it would react even though it was shot. Tülek was fired from the program host in TRT Kids due to her role in the series. You can find the credits of the series here and the promotional film from here.

On the Sword Day, there was Osman exam on the director’s chair of the series shown at Atv. On the day he was the daughter of Ali Kılıç in his 30s, Barış (Serdar Yeğin), the son of the Kızıltan family, was homosexual in the series, which tells him about his 3-month life and the events that followed him. The scene showing two men half naked in bed caused a reaction. Upon this, the Test took its place in the media with its homophobic explanations.

US Donates 22 Million $ to an LGBT Association

Independent Turkish, according to the news, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, the United States claimed that US $ 22 million in an LGBT association in Ankara.

Here is the news in Independetn Turkish ..

Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, who attended the meeting organized by the Özçelik-İş Union of the Hak-İş Confederation, claimed that the United States helped US $ 22 million to LGBT associations in Ankara.

Soylu said the following in his speech:

“Amerika One of the most important states in the world, America, was helping the PYD on the one hand. But can I tell you another place where he helps you? Helping LGBT. The United States is providing $ 22 million to an LGBT association in Ankara. Do I need to talk here? What we’re dealing with and what current we’re dealing with. In fact, do I need to express in words in order to express that the main goal is faith, identity and presence in this geography? ”

Trans Woman Buse: I want to have surgery

Despite all his applications, the trans-detainee who was detained in Metris Prison wrote a letter saying that his operation did not take place and that he was approaching suicide.

Devrim Kepenek from Bianet reported that inmate Buse, a transgender prisoner, went on a hunger strike for 38 days in July 2018 to accept transgender surgery. He was in Tekirdağ F Type Prison. The court suspended the death fast upon the decision of ara may be surgery..

However, the surgery did not occur. Buse resumed his death fast on January 31, 2019. When he spoke with the prison administration, he took a break from his death fast.

Meanwhile, the Istanbul Branch of the Human Rights Association delivered a letter describing Buse’s status on the 20th day of her hunger strike to the United Nations on 20 February 2019. The letter stated that the Ministry of Justice’s prevention of surgery was contrary to Articles 8 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

In spite of the v Surgery must take place ”report of the court and the hospital, Buse cut off his genitals in August 2019 when the sex transition operation did not take place. Then he was brought to Metris Prison where he had a rehabilitation center.

Buse’s letter from Metris Prison:

Im I went to Samatya Hospital. Urology was never interested. The doctor said, “For the first time transgender I see. ” He just let it go. He was interested in plastic surgery and did an examination. He was referred to the anchor hospital. I went to the anchor. Urology was not interested. Andrology. Plastic Surgery also referred to Urology. Andrology. The doctors didn’t talk to me. He only tried to understand the situation by talking to the officer from the window. They referred him to Andrology. I don’t know if you’re interested in andrology, I have no hope. I feel very, very bad. I no longer have the patience. I said, irse If my operation is blocked, I will commit suicide 100% ”. Yok There is no guarantee that I will not commit suicide if my surgery is extended. Im My physical health and my mental health are about to give an alarm. I’ll commit suicide if I happen to have surgery as soon as possible. I will end my life. Actually, I didn’t want to talk about suicide. But I needed to mention in advance that they would not say, iler We didn’t know or predicted that this would happen. Iler

I no longer have the strength, my patience, my body and my body health alarms. Even when I urinate. My legs, feet, clothes get wet, urine is contaminated. Sometimes I even get urine on my face. I also feel severe pain when my body is asleep. But I can’t talk to the doctors about this. They’re not talking. Reports, even without looking at the minutes of the right from the beginning. They express their hatred and disgust from every behavior. They don’t care if my suicide is 100 percent inevitable. I’m finished. I hope they do something urgently. Otherwise, I have to do something urgently myself. I’ve become ashamed of myself. I’m also embarrassed about constantly expressing my victimization. Note: I only have one coat left, can you send me a dress and skirt? I offer greetings and love to all my friends. ”

Interview With Transgender Woman Oyku

We had a very special interview with transgender woman Oyku.

That interview…

When and how did you know that you were a transgender individual?

In fact, as soon as we enter puberty, we begin to understand the differences in us. But it takes time to put a description of it. In the past, homosexuality and transsexuality were not much talked about. We are the people of a period that started to explore homosexuality with Zeki Müren and transsexuality with Bülent Ersoy. Now thanks to technology LGBTI it doesn’t take much time for individuals to discover themselves. Of course, this is the door for them to be able to do the transformation at an early age. We were forced to notice ourselves, but I was still lucky for many of my friends. I started to discover myself during the secondary school period, I could say that I am a trans woman in the university period.

Did your family have any support?

-Turkey get the family support in not easy conditions. At first, I had a hard time expressing myself to my family. But I was lucky that I had a family trying to understand me. And they’ve always been there for me. I’m one of the lucky trans people in the family. I still have strong ties with my family.

When, why and how did you start LGBTI activism?

– My injustices were so painful! And the injustices experienced by my trans friends around me were so great! The urge to resist, the urge to stop injustice triggers you, and it blossoms from somewhere. We first got a magazine called Spartacus in Bursa. But as a result of the prints did not last long. Of course, during these periods, I participated in LGBTI organizations in Istanbul and Ankara. In this period, the violence of the police and the violence of the people in the streets were extremely rare. Our friends were beaten and subjected to violence. And now it was so intolerable that something had to be done. In this process, we have done our first collective action by leading my friends, in front of the Police and with the first press release. Then the first Transgender activism by building on 20th March, 2006 in Turkey and addressing the Bursa Rainbow Association Transgender LGBT rights on legal step I took.

In Bursa, you established the first LGBTI association in Bursa and what kind of activities did you conduct in this association? Which projects did you implement?

-BURSA LGBT Rainbow Association is seen as completely minorities when setting up our goal, we have established with the aim to fight for the rights of Turkey completely legal according to the laws of our association floors. Of course we establish our association in Bursa, and then we find a place with a constant sense of right action always with continuous sitting on Turkey’s agenda as a result of close dialogue. For example, we applied to İŞKUR against the statement of the state administrators who said that they should not make sex work for trans women like every human being. We gathered money among ourselves and opened a cafe where LGBTT individuals work under the name of GÜLLÜM KAHVE. I found that injustice was made by us, I filed a criminal complaint about these officials and they were sentenced, but our workplace was not opened.

We also provided language training, literacy course, handicraft course and most importantly psychological and legal support to the illiterate. In this process, Bursa Nilufer Municipality agreed to give us a place from the marketplace, but we could sell our own products but the governor and a minister prevented it.

Turkey’s first official permission 1. Turkish homosexuals have organized a march on 6 August 2006, is a date. But unfortunately, this march was provoked by the fans of Bursaspor and great events happened. After these events, international institutions have reached to the associations that are still present to support us. But we knew about it later. They also benefited from financial support for us. We did not receive any financial support from any institution and organization during the process of the association. In all of our work, I met most of the items myself and some of them were provided with membership dues and voluntary donations.

Can you tell us about the process that led you to go to Thailand?

Activists and associations in Turkey is not so much, although it is unfortunately almost the only one who can express themselves and also that the struggle for rights. For this reason, I was often in the press with our various activities. At the same time in 2007, the first independent lawmaker from Turkey’s candidacy was vetoed by the YSK .Fakat I announced my candidacy from Bursa me why I raised with criminal fines. Then CHP Bursa deputy A. Candidacy was in the year 2011, and then in 2013 in the local elections. After 2011, I was elected as the Bursa Province and Osmangazi district delegate, and in 2013 I entered the district council with the highest votes among women.

Of course, in this process, local, national and international news appeared in the press. And the forces that are disturbed by the existence of LGBTI individuals have taken action. We have been sued for how to silence this woman and destroy it with the claim of 4,770 years. I was imprisoned for 28 months. Later on the search conditions in Turkey no longer deserves the first Brazilian to be possible, I believe, from there I moved to Thailand.

What do you do in Thailand, how do you live?

Of course it is not easy for a trans woman to start a new life in a new country. The money you have is running out after a certain time. early in this process, I have lived my life by giving guidance to people coming from Turkey. I also had rent income. In this process, I trained myself and started to work in a private hospital. I’m the head of department at the hospital where I work. And I was promoted to serve as general manager in our newly opened hospital.

How is life for LGBTI individuals in Thailand? Is it a country that can be called free enough for LGBTI individuals?

-Thailand has a distinct tolerance with the influence of Buddhism culture. Of course, this tolerance is not the same in all Buddhist countries. Like Islam, Buddhism is different in countries. In Thailand, being homosexual or being transgender is not socially strange. A peer or trans can do any profession. Doctor, stewardess, police … can do anything. Nobody would even look back.

I think it’s one of the most tolerant countries in the world. But of course there are some shortcomings. For example, even if a transgender woman changes gender, her official name and identity do not change. They do not have legal special laws, but they also have many rights. But I think there are laws to be enacted.

Do you think the return to Turkey?

I think -Türkiye to arrive, of course, but not now. Justice should come to my country, freedom of thought should come to my country, people in my country should be equal so that I can return to my country. Unfortunately, my country is getting worse every day. People are flocking to Turkey abandoned asylum in other countries. Perhaps never in history did not migrate this far Turkey. We’re going back on human rights. In the past Turkey’s interests as a special guest on all national channels I live broadcast. Now there is little or no LGBTI news or issues. They look at us like the plague. I don’t think we have security.

As a matter of fact, the statements of the Interior Minister on this issue and the statements of some religious groups trigger LGBTI hostility. However, the rulers of my country should support all sectors. LGBTI individuals were not citizens of the Republic of Turkey from space. But unfortunately my country LGBTI individuals have no value until Syrian refugees who migrated to Turkey, unfortunately. Here are all of these reasons I were in Turkey, even now I come or even think that my opportunity to make my struggle for human rights.

I think that justice and democratic rights have been suspended. I do not think that this process will end soon. But I will certainly return to my country, oppressed, despised, not put in place of human being, most importantly, I will continue to return to my LGBTI friends who do not have the right to live humanly. These days will surely pass. The republic founded by Atatürk is a secular and democratic country founded on solid foundations. As in the past, not the reaction will gain light.

Going about sharing your critical LGBT associations in Turkey .. what you want from the association?

-TURKEY associations in Europe and the US as the country and millions of dollars they received from the consulates of these countries that I criticized the AKP’s interior minister confirmed Süleyman Soylu, said 20 million dollars. I don’t make it up, but I’m the only one who makes strong criticisms of this issue, which has sounded strongly for years.

If you pay attention, the people who work in these associations and the salary earners are always the same people. It hasn’t changed in years.

And they do a few seminars apart from a few fake events and distribute condoms. Many of our trans friends are killed, sick, arrested. In spite of these millions of dollars, I support more people through the facebook group called Trans Solidarity Emergency Aid.

A lot of help, such as writing a free petition, providing a free lawyer, raising money for friends in distress, treating someone with a drug problem. But these associations do not act this way. They are not incapable of giving legal support to a trans and are not in a difficult situation.

So why are these associations getting these million dollars ???

Is this money only given to a few association managers to live in luxury?

At the same time, LGBTI associations are not only established for Kurdish LGBTI people.

So why didn’t these associations claim the cases of people who suffered injustice like Eylül Cansın? They didn’t claim it because it wasn’t Kurdish?

However, these associations have been supporting Pınar Selek, who is a non-LGBTI bazaar defendant, for months and still. A Ahmet Yildiz does not value as much for this association of trans women.

Since the AKP came, these associations have hardly even heard voices, but they are taking money. More importantly, they do their best to keep the money they receive from LGBTI individuals. They don’t release their financial reports. Unfortunately, LGBTI individuals in our country are unconscious about these issues. They do not seek the right of the Turkish people.

However, these millions of dollars received by these associations are not given so that only a few associations can receive salaries as much as the executive president. All Turkish for LGBT given. I am against this injustice or I am not against associations.

LGBT associations in Turkey at the moment there is almost a monopolization of the so-called civil society organizations and institutions, which in this case was the rant door. The assets of those working in these associations and their relatives of 1,2,3 degrees should be investigated for 20 years.

Why did the members of these associations fleeing abroad defected? These should be seriously investigated. And associations have been set up for LGBTI rights, not to be the backyard of any political formation or for separatism.

The oldest association has existed for 20 years and the executives are always the same people. What these associations as they obtained the rights for LGBTI individuals in Turkey? What are these acquisitions? These associations want a world without a pimp without a boss. Why don’t they fight for rights in labor laws?

I think what I’m trying to say is clear enough. Any person who already runs the logic can notice them. Nobody needs to say anything.

When work began to be done in Turkey activism for LGBT activism OUT OF MONEY then in Turkey. Activism is for the struggle for voluntary rights, not for money. Activism should not be done as civil servant or private sector labor.

I hope that one day that it FUND MONEY institutions giving off that tap the interests of young LGBT individuals volunteer to do real activism in Turkey.

Like fossilized politicians in political parties, fossilized exploitist activist decay disappears from the exploiters.

Despite everything, I also will change the history of youth from umutluyum.türki trans activists.

We thank you.