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Short Movie Against Homophobia

The short film for “Amnesty International” has been linked to by dozens of sites, news portals and blogs. In the online gay world, there have been tens of thousands of visitors among the Turkish Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Community, enjoying the most rights in the world.

As at March 2008, the video has been viewed over 73,000 times. “Amnesty International” and the Publicis group also sent an e-mail with the TV spot attached to a database of over 56,000 e-mail addresses, thus setting in motion the whole viral mechanism around the initiative.

A short film for a greater cause.


A Lesbian Short Film, The Last Blue Cup

Jesse is moving. Phel isn’t. But when an unexpected Target rendezvous brings them together, things change. Is it enough to keep them together? Watch my newest short movie to find out.

Special thanks to my amazing cast and crew, as well as Leiana Valenzuela, Ameenah Turner, and Maddie Clevenstine. All three women are special artistic inspirations to me!

Stay tuned, this isn’t the last you will see of the cast! Stick around for a great blooper reel to come!

Date: 2018-12-11 20:55:08
Duration: 00:15:14

The Gay Short Film Wins The Maremetraggio Festival

The small and tender story of two men who have loved each other for over 30 years in hiding, in the belief that they have no right, not even in the event of the death of one of the two.
Yet on the day of the Pride of Naples, which could be the last of their life together, they find the courage of a revolutionary gesture for them …

Giuseppe Bucci’s short film – starring Francesco Paolantoni and Patrizio Rispo – wins the best short film, the “ShorTS ilPiccolo” prize, at the prestigious Maremetraggio Festival which puts the 89 best-selling international shorts of the season in competition.

In Italy, in addition to Maremetraggio, Luigi and Vincenzo won the Florence Queer Festival, the Corto Imola Festival, according to the Gender DocuFilm Festival (Gay Village Rome), best original subject award at the Sorridendo Festival Cinecitta ‘, prize at the Pompei cinema Festival for two protagonists and is in the selection for the 2014 David di Donatello nomination .

But also around the world the short film has received very important statements such as the victory of the 10 grands moments de solitude in Paris (also screened in Cannes) the presence at the Europride in Oslo, and it is the only Italian short film to hit the official selection in aces poker of the North American LGBT Festivals (Frameline San Francisco, OutFest Los Angeles, NewFest New York, InsideOut of Toronto) as well as screenings at the Turin LGBT Festivals, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Brussels, and others, up to Rio and Mumbai and at the Tres Court in Paris which projects the finalists simultaneously in 100 cities around the world.

A Short Film for Australian Marriage Equality, We Will

‘We Will’ follows the story of a lesbian couple; from their first date, their first awkward kiss, until their wedding day.

Our short film is about the normality of same-sex relationships. Claire (Bianca Bradey) and Rachel (Madeleine Withington) are just like any other couple. The love that they share is the same as anyone else, and we think they deserve a special day to proclaim their love, not just amongst friends and family, but as equals under the law.

Date: 2015-11-22 11:23:15
Duration: 00:03:18

Transgender Short Film, Sam

“Sam” is a short film about gender identity and LGBTQ bullying written and directed by Sal Bardo. Synopsis: After being bullied at school for a boy, Sam escapes into the fields surrounding his house.

Sal Bardo is an award-winning writer-director whose films and music videos often tackle issues affecting gay and LGBT communities and have screened at film festivals around the world. Sal’s official YouTube channel brings you trailers, sneak peeks, full movies, and more!

Date: 2013-11-11 21:42:11
Duration: 00:10:43

LGBT Short Movie, Love is All You Need

R Teen bulling and teen suicide based on someone’s sexual preference – and this movie turns the tables on modern society.
WingSpan Pictures is currently seeking funding to bring it to a bigger audience. Please contact to see how you can help!

Lexi’s IMDB Page:

Lexi DiBenedetto brings a best actress performance at the Sonoma International Film Festival. This film delivers life of those who are ridiculed, teased and bullied for being themselves. Feel the sting by writers. No gimmicky cliches, just raw emotion of a gay world. How Would You Live If You Couldn’t Love?

Date: 2012-08-16 07:34:10
Duration: 00:19:13