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Campaign Video Against Sexism from the Advertisers Association

The video of the Advertisers Association, which attracted attention to sexism in advertisements, went viral on social media.

“A woman passes through places called impassable with the off-road vehicle”

“A man comes from stubborn stains”

The words are from the campaign launched by the Advertisers Association.

The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to sexism in advertisements and to change sexist concepts.

In advertisements, female representation is 40 percent and male representation is 60 percent.

The slogan of the campaign is “Ads Change, Society Change”.

Campaign images are on billboards in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

The association announced the campaign’s announcement from its social media account, “Advertising is the most powerful source for changing perceptions and transforming gender inequality. Our new campaign is at Open Air in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir with the slogan “Ads Change, Society Changes”.

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