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Gay Advertising, The Campbell Spot

Adorable: there are no other words to define this spot by Campbell, the famous brand of canned soups in the United States, made for the Star Wars Edition. Two gay dads grappling with the meal time, a scene of daily love (with reference to the film) and the claim “Created for real, real life”.

In the face of those who think that rainbow families are “stuff from another world”!


Gay Advertising Video, KOHL’s Christmas Spot

Nothing like American kitsch is able to “normalize” everything. To make the new digestible to the average citizen who can send it down like a sip of Cocacola. We also see it in the marriage proposals, where the spectacularity prevails over the fact that the couple is made up of people of the same sex.
Then take a gay couple, put two beautiful sweaters on them and place it at the Christmas dinner, with the aunt the children and the inevitable dogs. Christmas, for an American, the party that embodies the idealization of the perfect family, all smiles and turkeys in the oven and hideous decorations on the fireplace. Around this east / ethics, American culture has persistently rotated since the 1950s(who does not have a family to spend Christmas with is a failure). Yet in this society, at least in a large part of it, the opening to the “new” is stronger than in Italy where, for some years, we have discovered that there is an alleged “traditional family” opposed to the others. In short, here in the Christmas spot of Kohl – department stores and obligatory stop for Christmas shopping – a gay couple appears, perfectly covered with the golden patina of the aforementioned aesthetic.
In spite of everything, sweet and moving. A sign that, in fact, American kitsch works.