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Turkey, One of The Most Homophobic Countries Against LGBT

Association to combat child abuse and neglect: Everyone has the right to live their life the way they want.

The Association to Combat Child Abuse and Neglect, which confirmed that the march of honor was valued differently by different social classes, conducted a study to see LGBTIs from their own eyes. Turkey is currently there, but the Ottoman Empire is one of the countries with majority intolerance to the last four fathers, Sultan Abdulmecid of LGBT. For the first time in more than 150 years, the association reminds that homosexuality is a crime of being away: “We ask you because I wanted everyone’s life. He called to say at least one person in his area he has the right to live that everyone has the right to love what he wants. ”

Pointing to a family who consulted a psychologist working at the Psychological Support Coordination Center, the club asked that the “homosexual behavior” of their 15-year-old son be treated as the main reason for conducting this study. When it was said that this is not a disease and therefore it is not possible to treat it, the mother said: “If your son says cancer, he can accept it. But it is not possible to accept what he says. Let’s go to another specialist. ” and the family separated.

The research work prepared by the association includes numerous articles, international research work and expert opinions as follows:

“We wanted to go abroad first. In the decision of the governor of the State of California,” studies on the treatment of homosexuals are prohibited because they have no scientific and medical basis. “Homosexuals are all murdered 24 hours a day in Brazil, where there is the greatest participation in the March of Honor in the world, while the rainbow-colored flags of religious terrorist organizations are hanging in front of a police station in the United Kingdom to represent solidarity with Iraq, Syria, Libya One of the questions asked to measure tolerance for homosexuality in an international survey conducted by the Netherlands was “No.” 85% of the answers in our country were “No.” Other than that “No” reasons, although “Yes” is the main common characteristic of those who say that an LGBT has been granted, that they speak or have worked together, according to this study, Turkey is one of the most intolerant countries in the world against LGBT.

“Abdulmecid had banished homosexuality from the crime”
Some of the countries in the same category as our country; Zimbabwe, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Iraq, South Korea. Homosexuality is a crime in almost all of these countries. Abdulmecid, the father of the last four sultans in our country, had banished homosexuality from the crime more than 150 years ago.

According to the International Association of Lesbians and Gays, the number of LGBTI people worldwide is just under 3,000 million. “Gays are inferior to pigs and dogs,” he said. “We love the Creator for the Creator,” said Zimbabwe. Should the geography in which Yunus Emre grew up fall into the same category? Should the geography in which Mevlana Celalettin Rumi grows grow together with the Middle East countries where they marry using violence to correct homosexuals, where lesbians are raped, and the police and militia who take up their duties, not as Crimes apply? Law?

AYM: “Deviant” is hate speech, it is a crime
Given that the Constitutional Court has ruled that a “dissenting” discourse is contrary to the Constitution and is considered a hate speech crime. The State Council found that the layoff of the gay teacher was illegal and decided in favor of the teacher. A delegation from the Supreme Criminal Court sentenced the murdered father to life in the head of his 17-year-old homosexual son and uncle, who he instigated. Memoranda of Understanding; Instead of “sexual preferences”, we had prosecutors who could print the phrase “sexual orientation”.

While it can copy examples, our country; How true is it in the same category as countries like Rwanda and Ghana? Of course, our country and the world today weren’t easy on LGBTI rights. Especially those working in the entertainment industry became very violent and jobs were ransacked.

The general expectation, of course, is not that a governor will join the Pride March and hide a rainbow flag in his hand. However, tens of thousands of people are taking part in this march, a


Punishment For The Tv Series That Includes Gay Relationships

Turkey, The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) was given the highest rate of administrative fines and program interruptions to Fox Life channel because of the “Jane The Virgin” series, which included homosexual relationships.

According to the statement made by RTÜK, at the last meeting of the Supreme Council, Jane The Virgin series was discussed because of “neglecting national and moral values, and adversely affecting the physical and spiritual development of children and young people”.

Considering that as the frequency of gay relationships on the screen increases, children and young people normalize these relationships, become insensitive, and that the moral values ​​of the society deteriorate, the highest rate of administrative fines and program interruptions were imposed on the Fox Life channel.

On the other hand, RTÜK applied administrative penalty and 5 times program stop sanction on the channel of Mega Suare, which promotes and sells sexual performance enhancing products with a health declaration.

In addition, administrative fines were imposed on One Bal TV, fake herbal products, different TV, World Beauty Channel, Maksim TV, Mega Music, Hazan TV and Berat TV.

NTV – 13.06.2019

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex in Turkish Tv Series

As long as foreign series followers know, there are LGBTI individuals in almost every series for a while – especially in the last 10 years – next to LGBTI themed series. They appear in very small roles (like detective TV shows), and they are one of the cornerstones of the story (Six Feet Under). But what has been done about this issue in our country so far? In which productions have LGBTI individuals been involved and how important was their place in the series’ story? If you are curious about the answers to these questions, I invite you to continue the article. But it is useful to say from the beginning: I did not list the TV series that host LGBTI individuals who have been fooled and put up in nonsense roles.

The Power of Love, aired on Show TV in 1993. The Power of Love, which we saw Türker Inanoglu in his producer chair, was about a beautiful woman with a normal life stepping into the world of photomodelism and modeling. You guess that entering the world also meant sitting on the wolves’ table. The gay character of the series, which featured Hülya Avşar, was played by Volkan Severcan. We also saw Engin Koç in the role of the lover of our character. In this double mortar, the scenes of Hülya Avşar and Merih Akalın were also present in the series. Actually, these scenes existed on Youtube before but I cannot share it here because it was removed later. Those who wonder can reach the credits from here.

Pavement Flower We see Türker İnanoğlu again in the producer seat of the series published on Atv in 1996. The Sidewalk Flower, which chose the back streets of Beyoğlu as a venue, generally revolved around 2 prostitutes and their salesmen. The gay character of the series was Memos, the seller. In Pavement Flower, it was possible to see scenes from trans individuals and gay bars frequently. Two prostitutes in the series played Sibel Can and Hande Ataizi. In the role of Memos, Volkan Severcan appeared before us. Also in the staff; It is also possible to see Hakan Ural, Salih Güney and Nil Burak. Those who wonder can reach the credits of the series from here, and the first part of it here.

All alone, the producer of the series, which was broadcast on ATV in 2001, is Türker İnanoğlu, as in the other two. With an ordinary, joyful girl named Funda entering the world of modeling and photomodeling, her changing life was the subject of the series. Funda, who entered this world, became a drug addict in time, and even prostituted when he came to his place. The fact that our character, who fell in prison in one part of the series, was with one of the female prisoners for the pill, was the gay part of All alone. Our players in the series we follow Rose Shadow in Heather role of Turkey in the vamp male mind first from the name Faruk Peker, model and actor who Tugba Özay and Hakan, who took part in the sidewalk my flower mentioned above was accompanied by the Urals.

Campusistan The youth series that started in Kanal D in 2003 was developing around a group of university students in Istanbul, mostly studying veterinary medicine. One of our young people, modern dance student Mahmut, was gay, and Istemihan Tuna played the character of Mahmut in the cast including names such as Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Tuğçe Kazaz and Burak Altay.
Those who wonder can reach the credits of the series from here and the first 4 episodes from here.

An Istanbul Tale was the producer of the series, which was broadcast on ATV in 2003, Erol Avcı. The rich Arhan family living in a mansion in Istanbul and the Kozan family, working with them for years, have a story that intersects with a love story and was among the most watched at the time it was broadcast. The name of the gay character in the series was Zekeriya. Zechariah was working in the holding of our rich family. When the series was released again in 2010, its censored parts were thrown directly. The names of an Istanbul Tale included Mehmet Aslantuğ, Ozan Güven, Ahu Türkpençe and Altan Erkekli. Emre Karayel, who is currently in the series 1 Woman 1 Man, gave life to the character of Zekeriya. Those who wonder, can reach the credits of the series here.

Perfect Couple The series that started in Kanal D in the summer of 2010 was the Turkish adaptation of the series called Los exitosos Pells. News servers Bora and Ayça behave as if they have relations with the cameras so that they do not affect the course of the program. But the thing is, Bora is gay. It even has a relationship with Yiğit, who owns the son of the channel. The gay kissing scene in the series was not broadcast due to the fact that it would react even though it was shot. Tülek was fired from the program host in TRT Kids due to her role in the series. You can find the credits of the series here and the promotional film from here.

On the Sword Day, there was Osman exam on the director’s chair of the series shown at Atv. On the day he was the daughter of Ali Kılıç in his 30s, Barış (Serdar Yeğin), the son of the Kızıltan family, was homosexual in the series, which tells him about his 3-month life and the events that followed him. The scene showing two men half naked in bed caused a reaction. Upon this, the Test took its place in the media with its homophobic explanations.

US Donates 22 Million $ to an LGBT Association

Independent Turkish, according to the news, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, the United States claimed that US $ 22 million in an LGBT association in Ankara.

Here is the news in Independetn Turkish ..

Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, who attended the meeting organized by the Özçelik-İş Union of the Hak-İş Confederation, claimed that the United States helped US $ 22 million to LGBT associations in Ankara.

Soylu said the following in his speech:

“Amerika One of the most important states in the world, America, was helping the PYD on the one hand. But can I tell you another place where he helps you? Helping LGBT. The United States is providing $ 22 million to an LGBT association in Ankara. Do I need to talk here? What we’re dealing with and what current we’re dealing with. In fact, do I need to express in words in order to express that the main goal is faith, identity and presence in this geography? ”

Trans Woman Buse: I want to have surgery

Despite all his applications, the trans-detainee who was detained in Metris Prison wrote a letter saying that his operation did not take place and that he was approaching suicide.

Devrim Kepenek from Bianet reported that inmate Buse, a transgender prisoner, went on a hunger strike for 38 days in July 2018 to accept transgender surgery. He was in Tekirdağ F Type Prison. The court suspended the death fast upon the decision of ara may be surgery..

However, the surgery did not occur. Buse resumed his death fast on January 31, 2019. When he spoke with the prison administration, he took a break from his death fast.

Meanwhile, the Istanbul Branch of the Human Rights Association delivered a letter describing Buse’s status on the 20th day of her hunger strike to the United Nations on 20 February 2019. The letter stated that the Ministry of Justice’s prevention of surgery was contrary to Articles 8 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

In spite of the v Surgery must take place ”report of the court and the hospital, Buse cut off his genitals in August 2019 when the sex transition operation did not take place. Then he was brought to Metris Prison where he had a rehabilitation center.

Buse’s letter from Metris Prison:

Im I went to Samatya Hospital. Urology was never interested. The doctor said, “For the first time transgender I see. ” He just let it go. He was interested in plastic surgery and did an examination. He was referred to the anchor hospital. I went to the anchor. Urology was not interested. Andrology. Plastic Surgery also referred to Urology. Andrology. The doctors didn’t talk to me. He only tried to understand the situation by talking to the officer from the window. They referred him to Andrology. I don’t know if you’re interested in andrology, I have no hope. I feel very, very bad. I no longer have the patience. I said, irse If my operation is blocked, I will commit suicide 100% ”. Yok There is no guarantee that I will not commit suicide if my surgery is extended. Im My physical health and my mental health are about to give an alarm. I’ll commit suicide if I happen to have surgery as soon as possible. I will end my life. Actually, I didn’t want to talk about suicide. But I needed to mention in advance that they would not say, iler We didn’t know or predicted that this would happen. Iler

I no longer have the strength, my patience, my body and my body health alarms. Even when I urinate. My legs, feet, clothes get wet, urine is contaminated. Sometimes I even get urine on my face. I also feel severe pain when my body is asleep. But I can’t talk to the doctors about this. They’re not talking. Reports, even without looking at the minutes of the right from the beginning. They express their hatred and disgust from every behavior. They don’t care if my suicide is 100 percent inevitable. I’m finished. I hope they do something urgently. Otherwise, I have to do something urgently myself. I’ve become ashamed of myself. I’m also embarrassed about constantly expressing my victimization. Note: I only have one coat left, can you send me a dress and skirt? I offer greetings and love to all my friends. ”