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Eating Out, Movie Trailer

The fastest way to make a gay best friend.

Caleb (Scott Lunsford), Kyle (American Idol’s Jim Verraros), a hunky poly-sci major fresh off a breakup with the aggressive Tiffany, is shocked when his gay roommate they want.
Gwen (Emily Stiles), a smart-mouthed cutie with a penchant for boys who like boys. Soon Caleb realizes his plan is not as simple as he first thought. . . . At Gwen’s urging, he finds himself roped into “eating out” with every hunky roommate Marc (Desperate Housewives’ Ryan Carnes) —who is, naturally, the object of Kyle’s affection.
Can Caleb find a way to reveal his true feelings for Gwen without hurting Marc, or Kyle and Kyle be left out in the cold?

Director: Q. Allan Brocka

Cast: Scott Lunsford, Jim Verraros, Emily Stiles, Ryan Carnes, Rebekah Kochan

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Language: English

Cast: Rebekah Kochan, Scott Lunsford, Jim Verraros, Natalie Burge, Adrienne Pearson, Jillian Nusbaum, Ryan Carnes, Christopher Michaels, Emily Brooke Hands, Billy Shepard, Maurice Grossman, John Janezic, Ditte Lokon, Dani Millan, Stafford Williamson.

Plot Keywords: Gay Relationship, Telephone, Musician, Heterosexuality, Family, Break Up, First Date, Jazz, Kiss, Phone, Rape, Pianist, Gay, Kissing, Gay Interest, Homosexuality, Homosexual,  Dating, Piano Player, Roommate, Unrequited Love, Coming Out, First Gay Sexual Experience, Gay Kiss, Gay Straight Relations…

Date: 2008-05-13 18:05:19
Duration: 00:02:31


Beautiful Boxer, Movie Trailer

Rising even higher than the greatest expectations. , given the extravagant epics that yearly grow in popularity. This work of art is simply stunning in content, in direction, in acting, and in heartfelt simplicity of message. This is a great one! Writer / director Ekachai Uekrongtham AKA Nong Toom, a famous Thai athlete Muay Thai boxer (better known as ‘kick boxer’ – a demanding, dangerous sport) who entered the world of Muay Thai garner enough money to help his family and pay for his ultimate sex-change surgery. A tough story to offer general audiences, perhaps, but Ekachai Uekrongtham is a film that should appeal to a very wide audience. Suwan in his acting debut: Suwan is a professional kick boxer who won the title role after extensive auditions by Muay Thai.

BEAUTIFUL BOXER takes us through the life of Nong Toom, his family in a family of loving parents who respect his love and beauty feminine, his brief period of being a monk to makeup and play-acting women’s roles in the Thai theaters, as a result of his parents’ incarceration!), and his devoted friendship man who stands up for him in the boys’ camp for learning sports. Gradually Nong Toom realizes that the only way he can do it is to become a successful kick boxer and to align himself with a trainer. Thai. His self-respect is further established when he openly wears makeup in the boxing ring, causing many to believe in his act. Kyoko Inoue (who plays herself) Kyko Inoue (who plays herself). With the money from the fight he is able to have his surgery and become the famous actress and model now living in Bangkok.

Under the sensitive eyes and minds this story can be audacious, but instead the film is the elects to be sensitive to the transsexual conviction. the story so deeply touching. Asanee Suwan, as a fine athlete, does all of his own fighting in the movie and it’s more choreography than brutality. He is an amazing achievement, he is so convincing that he makes this young transsexual actor utterly credible in movement, emotional density, and purity of vision is an extraordinary achievement.

Yes, the film has a few flaws of editing and other minor aspects, but the overwhelming power of the story more than compensates for those ‘first film’ learning curves. Highly recommended for ALL audiences, especially for those who fear there will be gratuitous physical scenes that might offend. There are none! Grady Harp

Plot Keyword: Gay, Mob, Emotion, Gay Interest, Gender Reassignment, Kickboxer, Transexual, Transvestite, Betting, Boxing Training, Brother Sister Relationship, Buddhist Monk, Kickboxing, Manager, Muay Thai, Repressed Homosexual, Based On True Story.

Date: 2008-04-21 23:01:46
Duration: 00:02:16

Far from Heaven, Movie Trailer

Todd Haynes’ Far From Heaven, a homage to the 1950s melodramas of Douglas Circus, is an exquisitely crafted film of beauty and grace. The world that Haynes creates is so meticulously detailed that one almost forgets that movie isn’t fifty years old.

Julianne Moore deserves an Academy Award for every portrait of Cathy Whitaker, a homemaker whose idyllic life begins to disintegrate when she learns that her husband is gay. Moore’s Cathy is a delicate woman who would like to be courageous, but can’t be because of the world that she is trapped in. As her innocence begins to die, she realizes how empty and superficial her life is. When she begins a cautious romance with her black gardener (Dennis Haysbert) she begins to see the racism and hypocrisy that forms the underbelly of a seemingly perfect world. At the end of the movie, Cathy has never thought to be a perfect man.

Dennis Quaid is equally stunning as Cathy’s tortured husband Frank. After Cathy discovers his homosexuality, the two are forced to grapple with a truth that neither of them can comprehend. Frank goes to a doctor for “treatment,” and his confession is heartbreaking. He says that he “can’t let this thing, this sickness, destroy my life. I’m going to beat this thing.” Frank doesn’t possess that knowledge. Frank begins to drink more, and when he finally breaks down and tells Cathy that he has fallen in love with another man, all the anger, shame, and joy. It is a supremely moving moment, and the best performance of Quaid has ever given.

As the marriage between Cathy and Frank begins. All of Cathy and Frank’s arguments and confessions take place at night, bathed in shadows. The truth has no place in this bright, artificial world, and it must stay hidden at all costs. One night, when Frank tries to make love to Cathy and Cathy, Cathy tries to placate him, saying that he is “all man” to her. At that remark Frank hits her, and for a moment the audience does not breathe. Cathy then asks quietly for her husband to get her some ice. Cathy is a restaurateur, and she has a chance to break free. The scenes between Moore and Haysbert crackle with erotic energy because everything remains unsaid. When Cathy finally asks him to dance with her, it’s a moment when we realize what human beings are capable of being together.

The fourth example of stellar acting comes from Patricia Clarkson as Cathy’s best friend Eleanor. Eleanor is a bitter, gossipy, cold-hearted woman, and when she tells Cathy “I am your best friend,” you want to scream to Cathy not to believe her. Clarkson makes the most of a rather limited screen time, and turns in a fascinatingly layered performance.

Far From Heaven may be the best picture of the year. In creating an artificial world, Todd Haynes has never been done before. It is a moving and important motion picture, populated with some of the most nuanced acting I have ever seen. Cathy and Frank Whitiker may be so far from heaven, but the film comes about as close as possible to heaven.

Date: 2008-04-09 20:48:25
Duration: 00:01:10

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Another Gay Movie, Movie Trailer

This movie is totally lighthearted and non-stop funny with adorable guys, silly satire and music. A take-off on the teen genre but totally wink-wink and sweet. I wasn’t crazy about the Nambla joke but this movie is totally in its right place. After all, don’t gay teens deserve the same coming-of-age movie that straight teens do? Sure, it’s not for the weakness of the heart or the religious fundamentalist, but who cares? It’s good, dirty fun about love, sex, desire and friendship. Sure, it’s a fantasy world with understanding parents, hot teachers, no homophobia and true love but that was my favorite thing about the movie. Graham Norton, Richard Hatch, Scott Thompson, and many others. I shall never look at the same way as Graham Norton. See this movie, it’s totally great …

Date: 2008-03-31 21:23:35
Duration: 00:02:15

Closeted Gay Teen’s Parents Find His Search History

Closeted gay teen’s parents find his search history. Nathan goes to a high school party and meets Louis. The two find themselves out of sight and kissing, but someone takes a photo of them. When the photo is placed online, a storm overtakes their lives.

Video Date: 2019-09-21 14:00:00
Video Duration: 00:12:43