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Children Explain Gay Marriage

One of the most common questions and objections of those who oppose gay marriage is: “How do I explain it to my children?” American comedian Jimmy Kimmel decided to turn the question directly to children on the streets. Their answers are delicious and of course, in Jimmy Kimmel’s style, absolutely hilarious!


A Short Film for Australian Marriage Equality, We Will

‘We Will’ follows the story of a lesbian couple; from their first date, their first awkward kiss, until their wedding day.

Our short film is about the normality of same-sex relationships. Claire (Bianca Bradey) and Rachel (Madeleine Withington) are just like any other couple. The love that they share is the same as anyone else, and we think they deserve a special day to proclaim their love, not just amongst friends and family, but as equals under the law.

Date: 2015-11-22 11:23:15
Duration: 00:03:18