Kiss Bang Bang, Movie Trailer

A petty thief posing as an actor is brought to Los Angeles for an unlikely audition and finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation.

Date: 2008-03-31 21:08:57
Duration: 00:02:25



Plot keywords for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005): Film Making, Straight Gay Male Kiss, Black Comedy, Shot In The Head, Gay Straight Alliance, Blood Splatter, Shot In The Chest, Severed Finger, Robbery Gone Awry, Beautiful Woman, Shot In The Arm, Hearse, Neo Noir, Body In Trunk, Attempted Murder, Shot In The Shoulder, Los Angeles, Male Buddy, Elvis Presley, Satire, Robber, Car Accident, Magic Act, Sleep, Female Nudity, Aging Parent, Elvis Impersonator , Van, Homosexual Kiss, Electrocution, Television Commercial, Coffin, TV Commercial, Childhood, Profanity, Loser, Film Noir, Abuse, Fall From Height, Abusive Father, Pistol Whip, Teacher, Pistol, Revolver, Murder, Search For Father, Shotgun , Hospital, Novelist, Corpse, Electrical Torture, Shootout, Elvis, Novel, Dead Woman, Lake, Old Friend, Russian Roulette, Party, Vulgarity, Shot To Death, Wound, Homophobia, Private Detective, Car Chase, Casket, Book, Urination , Recovery, Audition, Insult, Gay Interest, Buddy Comedy, Los Angeles California, C Hapter Headings, Breaking The Fourth Wall, Loss Of Sister, Violence, Christmas, Narration, Gun, High School Friend, Bridge, Gay Character, Gay Slur, Post Noir, Child Abuse, Dead Body, Gay, Commercial, Employer, Car In Lake , Boss, Magician, New York, Noir, Friends, Funeral, Murder Mystery, Gay Lead Character, Suicide, Breasts, Chainsaw, Death, Shot In The Back, Torture, Set Up, Gay Friend, Gay Straight Relations, Based On Novel, Twist In The End.

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