Anticipation grows for ‘Girl/Girl Scene’ season two


If you haven’t seen the series, Girl/Girl Scene, you have time to catch up on season one episodes before the season two release in July. Girl/Girl Scene premiered their first 45 minute episode in June 2010 and quickly garnered the attention of the LGBT community, gaining instant fans.

Tucky Williams is the creator, writer and lead actress of the series. She started in the industry after auditioning for the indie horror film, Shadows Light where she not only landed her first role but also was cast as the female lead. Unfortunately, a common story among actresses emerged; she was not getting parts she related to or wanted to play. That’s when executive producer and friend Nick Brown stepped in and encouraged her to write. She wrote the first episode the night they spoke and he helped her to its fruition. “We had just made the first episode and I was surprised it even got made, and we put it out online and all my wildest dreams came true and people loved it, and embraced it, and watched it; and I still can’t believe that it happened to me; that I got so lucky; to find that success so quickly,” said Williams.
The show is shot guerilla-style in her home state of Kentucky and has no budget or affiliation to a studio or TV network. “I’m really lucky to have the talented cast and crew that we have,” Williams said. “We have very limited amounts of money. The show is very low budget and I watched the dailies and they’re beautiful. We have this amazing talent; we do have this tiny budget and it looks like we have a huge budget; so we’d love to have more money to put into it but … we’ve done so much with so little,” Williams continued.
Most recently, Williams caught the eye of producers from Showtime’s The Real L Word. They mic’d her during a New York engagement and during her hosting gig at The Dinah in Palm Springs this year. “I don’t think I was cast, it was more like I was there, and I wasn’t going to be a dick and say no you can’t mic me and you can’t put me on camera,” said Williams. The impromptu appearance on the show seemed to confuse the members of The Real L Word, that hadn’t seen Girl/Girl Scene. They looked on quizzically as her fans approached her for pictures and hugs. She imagined they thought she was someone’s girlfriend.

The Dinah event in Palm Springs also lead to the casting of American pornographic actress and lobbyist for the adult entertainment industry, Kayden Kross. “I met Tucky on one of the red carpets at the Dinah last year. I was hosting the special for Here! TV and she was walking it and we kinda met mouth first. There’s YouTube footage,” said Kross. “Her producer emailed me out of the blue and asked if I’d be interested. I figured it would be fun and had the free time.” In comparison to her day job, Kross found some similarities and differences, “The mood seemed very similar though. For the most part it’s relaxed and there is a cohesiveness in the group effort involved in getting wrapped on time. The difference is we don’t wrap on time on porn sets,” said Kross.
Another new member to the cast is Abisha Uhl from the band Sick of Sarah. “The first time I met her she ran up to me and gave me a hug; she was just really sweet and so I asked her to be on the show in episode eight, and we flew her out here and she did one scene and I was like, ‘Oh My God’ because she was amazing, and so then she became a cast member in season two, because she was that good; she’s hilarious,” said Williams.

That one episode has Uhl’s music fans eager for more; so much so that a promo photo of Uhl and Williams kissing spread like wildfire on Tumblr and viewership instantly increased. “Well, they haven’t even seen much yet, but so far the response has been great! I’m thinking they like seeing me kiss girls. My character really develops more this next season. I’m excited for the response,” said Uhl. With acting experience under her belt and touring with her band, expect to see more of Uhl. “I would love to do both. My band is my main thing, but acting is something I’ve always wanted to explore,” Uhl added.

“I think we’re just taking it up a level and it’s the same show and at the same time it’s more fun, more engaging, but we still take it to those dark places plus we got some really really awesome new cast members for season two” says Williams, enthusiastically. One of the themes that will be explored in season two is epilepsy which she hopes more public figures will speak out about. “So many people are in the closet about having it and it makes me crazy because [there’s] just such a stigma over it,” explains Williams.
As the anticipation for the new season grows there are two things to learn from Williams, Uhl and Kross. One, if you want to be on Girl/Girl Scene make sure to give Williams a kiss and/or hug when you see her and two, if you want something, go for it, live your dreams and if you’re good, the fans will follow.

You can watch Girl/Girl Scene on, and/or on GGS’ official Web site, For more about Tucky Williams go to

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