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India to revisit decriminalisation of homosexuality


A 2013 ruling that criminalised homosexuality, is to be re-examined by India’s Supreme Court.

Section 377 of India’s penal code describes same-sex relationships as an unnatural offence. The legislation is a relic of the nation’s colonial law and was overturned in 2009 as discriminatory by the Delhi High Court. However in 2013 the ruling was reversed and homosexuality was once again criminalised.

This week the Supreme Court heard a curative petition: a petition meant to ‘cure’ a miscarriage of justice and voted to revisit the 2013 ruling re-instating section 377.

While no court date has been set, LGBT rights activists have heralded the move as a win.

Under existing law, a same-sex relationship is punishable by a 10-year jail term.


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