LGBTQ Short Film, Uninvited

Uninvited is an LGBTQ + short comedic drama that follows Beth on her journey of self discovery of her sexuality after she develops feelings for Georgia. Will she follow her heart or let her fear of societies control her?

Please feel free to leave any comments below.
Positive and ‘negative’ welcome.
I want to know and hear how you received the story, the characters and their journeys.

I love and appreciate you guys and the support so much.

– zoe x



Beth Tayla Audrey
Georgia Olivia Fildes
Jason Jack Hayes
Kate Alex Gillies
Kirk Gil Pemberton
Mitchell Zac Blake
Miss Holt Teisa Lowry


Producer Zoe Blake
Writer Zoe Blake
Director Monique Bettello
Director of Photography Lucy Campbell
First AD and CoProducer Mollie Mae
Zoe Blake and Monique Bettello
Syaheed Ismail
Sound Recordist David Lauritsen
Best Boy and the Flu Eunsoo Nguyen
Gaffer, Grip and Runner Daniel Robbins, Max Gundy and Zac Blake
Make up Artist Chloe Van Der Reijden
Costume Design Jordan Prince
Wardrobe Zoe Blake
Safety Advisor Mollie Mae
Stills Photography Steph Moro

SixTwoTwo Productions

Julia Keating
Caitlyn Rizzi
Patrick Nguyen
Isabella Condello
Syaheed Ismail
Melisa Visca
Anik Van Der Reijden

Special Thanks
Helena Moore
Bronwyn and Robert Bettello
Syaheed Ismail

Date: 2018-06-15 07:00:03
Duration: 00:12:21

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