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Transsexual Short Film, The Real Thing

With “The Real Thing,” filmmaker Brandon Kelley wants to set an example for parents of all kids.
When a soldier returns home, things have often changed. Sergeant Michael Waltze, the ultimate change is in his child. While on his tour of duty, his daughter has been living in truth. Today he is coming home to surprise her.
Parental love is unconditional. It transcends a person’s memory of their child. The Real Thing is an infinitely stronger bond. ”

Allie – Sophie Giannamore
Michael Torpey

Writer / Director – Brandon Kelley
Producer by Jon Gestal
Director of Photography by Greta Zozula
Production Designer – Michael Mizrahi
Costume Designer by Liz Kelley
Casting by Mia Cusumano
Color – Josh Spector
Graphic Design by Emily Maxwell

Date: 2018-11-20 17:33:07
Duration: 00:07:19


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