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Queer Movies from 2019

1. Queer Movies from 2019

It tells the story of an artist who is said to have made a portrait of a young woman in Britain in the late 18th century. Marianne is a young painter who lives on a desert island. One day the young woman is asked to make the wedding portrait of Heloise, who has just left the monastery. However, Heloise should not be aware that his portrait was made. Marianne literally has to do her duty, so she decides to follow Heloise during the day and to portray at night. This situation causes Heloise, who is reluctantly getting married, to spend the last free moments before her upcoming wedding with Marianne. As the two women spend time together, there is an unexpected convergence between them.

2. And then we danced 

It tells the story of a teenager trying to discover him. Merab, who has been interested in dance since childhood, works with a Georgian community. Merab, who wants to escape the problems of his life with his passionate dance, works tirelessly to be the best. With the inclusion of a new dancer in her bands, her life becomes completely different. Merab, who saw the group’s new member, Irakli, as his strongest rival, has had different feelings over time. Merab, who started feeling different about Iraq, got to know himself and his body in the process.

3. Love, magic, vs

A Turkish film has not yet been released. It is about the love story of two long-time women. Eren comes to Büyükada years later to find her childhood love again. However, due to the difficulties he had in Eren’s absence, Reyhan had to build an ordinary life. Reyhan also believes the magic he had done years ago was aimed at Eren. After the two have found each other, you should watch and see what happens!

4. Not knowing

It focuses on the life of a family who is dissatisfied with their life. Selma and Sinan are now a couple struggling to endure each other. Umut, the son of the house, joined him. Rumors of high school at the end of school about Umut are circulating. When Selma and Sinan try to cope with their tiring marriage, Umut suddenly disappears. When Selma and Sinan search for their son, they find that they have lost themselves.

5.  Fin de Siglo

It’s about the story of two men who find that they actually knew each other before. Ocho is an Argentine poet in his mid-30s. When the young man wanders the streets of Barcelona one day, he coincides with a Spanish Spaniard Javi. Javi and Ocho begin to get to know each other and discover a truth that will shock both of them after a day together. The two men who thought they saw each other for the first time met 20 years ago. They are actually more than two strangers who share the same city.

6. Wild nights with Emily 

It’s called a gay film in the genre of biographical comedy. The film, which deals with the life of Emily Dickinson as an author, contains various details, from the printing process of her books to her inconsistent and full love life. Emily Dickinson had a lifelong relationship with a woman at that time. Emily, who was initially only friends with Susan Gilbert, takes part in poetry reading activities in the Shakespeare community. The two have to play the lovers in one scene so that the romance is kindled. After a while, Emily’s family goes on a long vacation and Susan stays with Emily during this process. This makes the relationship between them even closer.

7. Pain and Victory 

It is about the decisions of director Salvador Mallo from the past to the present and the events that have left their mark on his life. In the film, it is the first love for the 1960s, when Mallo lived his childhood, left the place where he was born and spent his childhood, emigrated with his family to a village in Valencia to seek prosperity and his first love – and to find therapy tools. the events that made him meet with the cinema and know himself.

8. Book Smart

On the eve of graduation, she suddenly realizes that they have to work less and have more fun. Girls who still have time to stay behind their peers try to put four years of entertainment in one night. Amy among them had long been in love with a girl in her school. However, he is not brave enough to open up to him. The endless night they will experience on the eve of graduation will give Amy an unforgettable lesson on her love life and open new doors.

9. Any smell

It tells the story of a punk singer who tries to deal with the problems in her life. Becky Something is the superstar of the female punk rock band Something She, which left its mark in the 90s. However, his glorious days are over. The young woman’s life changed fundamentally when she became a mother. While Becky deals with the responsibility of being a mother on the one hand, the band members have to contend with the problems associated with the tensions created by the albums they should have released and with the change in the music understanding of the new ones Generation. Becky is in a difficult position and gets lonely every day as she struggles with her problems. The only thing the young woman can think of when trying to stay sober against all sorts of problems is to find a way to get the group back to their good old days. With her group members, Becky decides to wait for inspiration to return and take her back to the superstar.

10.  Results

Andrej, 18, is a young man who was sent to the correctional facility because of his troubled behavior. Andrej, who was sent to the correctional facility by his mother, who could no longer bear the behavior of his son, joins Zele, a troubled teenager like him. For fear of Zele, who was initially on the verge of psychopathy, Andrej begins to admire her after a while. The closer she gets to Zele, the more difficult her life becomes and she begins to question herself, and Andrej has to choose between a lifestyle like Zele and loyalty to her own life.



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