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Pink Life Queer Film Festival Program

Film Festival

The festival, which will start on 23 January, includes many events, from TERF event to LGBTI + archiving, to stories from queer players.

KuirFest, which will take place between 23-26 January, will meet its audience this year with enjoyable activities. The program, which will have a total of 7 events, includes many different topics, from the TERF event to LGBTI + archiving, to the stories that turn into the meeting of queer players.

The opening of the festival will be held on January 23, 2019 at 21:00 in Babylon and will be held with the party that Banu Alkan will also attend. The program of the three-day festival is as follows:

January 24: ‘Transforming Stories’ conversation
The “Transforming Stories” conversation to be held on January 24 will take place at 19:00 in Istanbul. Before the interview, the movie “Patriarchal Rituals” will be screened about Jules Rosskam’s journey to begin to understand the disconnection with his family and his rediscovery of his survival story.

Patriarchal Rituals, which are described from their surviving perspective and have trans-subjectivity, provide a valuable example of the transformative power of stories while building a bridge between Rosskam’s past and present. The participants of the conversation, which will discuss the transformative possibilities of their surviving stories, are Nayuk (Nazlı Mayuk) and Hilal Esmer.

Cocoa of Terf Argument (?)
In the event, an event is organized on January 24 to refute the arguments of the transphobic alliance known as Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism (TERF) one by one.

9. Pink Life KuirFest aims to respond to these transphobic discourses through the screening of the Transition / Adaptation documentary on Saturday, January 24 at 20:00. After the screening, with the participation of activists Beren Azizi and Vanessa Lee Nic, the roots of the debate will go down and all the arguments of this transphobic alliance will be reconsidered one by one.

Queer Players Talk
Friday, January 24, at 18: 00 which will take place in “Kui Cast Speaks” event, “he Kudan Turkey Shorts” is scheduled to be done immediately after the screening of a selection. A conversation will be held about queer actors, acting and heteronormative stage world, their experiences as queer actors in the stage world and their struggle for survival. He will be a participant in the conversation of Bulut B. Sezer and Nihal Albayrak.

January 25: Why LGBTI + archiving matters?
The “Why is LGBTI + archiving important?” Conversation on January 25 will take the place of archiving in the LGBTI + struggle with the example of Lambdaİstanbul.

Archives, who have been focusing on the lez-bi feminist archive collective that has been operating in New York since 1970, aims to reopen LGBTI + history and archivalism in the field of activism. The place of writing history and archiving in the LGBTI + struggle will be discussed with the example of Lambdaİstanbul. “Why should archives be created and why is it important to protect the archive? The panel, which aims to find answers to various questions such as how activism is associated with the archive, calls on everyone who aims to establish the future by carrying the projection of the past to the present. The participants of the interview are Lara Güney Özlen and Okay Gökmen.

‘Writing with Body, Increasing While Writing’
In the conversation “Choosing with Body, Reproducing While Writing”, where Seçil Epik and Sevcan Tiftik will participate, it will be talked about writing as an action practice. The interview will take place after the screening of the Lemebel documentary, which tells the life of writer, activist and visual artist Pedro Lemebel, one of the leading names in the queer movement in America.

‘Round Table: Na-Binaries Gathering Together!’
The “Round Table: Na-Binaries Come Together” event, which will start on Saturday, January 25 at 15.00; It invites all na-binaries to sit at the same table, who want to listen to the stories of na-binaries, share their stories or just take part in this event. Emphasizing the purpose of the event by saying “creating a contact area in the benevolent atmosphere of being together”, KuirFest plans to increase the visibility and enlighten all the scope of the trans umbrella by bringing all na-binaries together.

January 26: Our Şugar Movies: On QTIPOC Movies
In the 9th Pink Life KuirFest, there will be a talk about QTIPOC cinema with Marc David Jacobs from Scottish Kuir International Film Festival.

Marc David Jacobs from Scottish Kuir International Film Festival is attending the conversation “On Our Shugar Films: On QTIPOC Films” which will be held on Sunday, January 26 at 19:15. The interview will be held right after the movie My Şugar Laundry, which is one of the important films of the New Queer Cinema of the 1980s.


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