Israel’s First Openly Gay Minister Started to Work

Israel Gay Minister

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed the leader of the Likud party, Amir Ohana, Minister of Justice. Ohana, who will continue to be his deputy for the time being, was the first minister to announce that Israel has been gay so far.

Ohana, 43, is a name true to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Ohana is also an activist who defends the rights of homosexuals. It also supports the legal recognition of gay marriages.

With the exception of marriages abroad, same-sex marriages are not recognized in Israel.

Orthodox Jewish groups in the country do not prefer homosexuals, but Israel also has strict laws for the protection of homosexuals.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who was unable to form the government after the last general election, sacked Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked three days ago.

Investigations are underway in Israel against Netanyahu, accused of bribery and corruption.

A charge against Netanyahu can be laid in a few months, dismissing all charges against him.

Ohana, for her part, advocates maintaining existing laws that grant Netanyahu immunity.



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