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She Changed Her Mind About Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

CDU President and Federal Defense Minister Annegret Crump Carrenbauer, who announced in 2015 that she was against marriage equality, has changed his mind.

Carrenbauer said at an event organized by the Gay Association initiative as part of the CDU: “Getting married is not a problem for me and everyone. Everyone was married and legally accepted. Now it’s done. In this case, a bath joke against homosexuals made by Carrenbauer in the past months was also mentioned.

Carrenbauer spoke about the toilets that men and women had used at a festival that had previously taken place in Berlin. “For men who don’t know whether to sit or stand with them,” these words were considered offensive to homosexuals. Karrenbauer has been sharply criticized on social networks.

Gay changed his mind about marriage

Carrenbauer spoke at an initiative event that his joke had been misunderstood and distorted. Carrenbauer said that he was not gay: “I am known to the public as a good Catholic. But I’m not blindly tied to Papa. If it were, I would not advocate women being priestesses. Carrenbauer also took many photos with members and managers who are known as homosexuals in the CDU.

Annegret Kramp Carrenbauer, who previously stated that he was against a gay marriage, was elected “Queen of Homophobia” in an investigation by the Enough, Enough Gay Rights Group.


13.09.2019 – HRT


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