Animated LGBT Cartoon, The Lesson

Every day, lesbian, gay, bi, trans (LGBT) and intersex children – and other children seen as defying gender stereotypes – are bullied at school, at home and in their community. Bullying can take many forms –from taunting and name-calling to brutal violence.

Children who experience this kind of abuse have a higher risk of anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem, self-harm, depression and suicide. They are also more likely to skip or drop out of school.

The United Nations is calling for protection from violence and discrimination. Your actions matter!

Date: 2017-03-02 13:00:16
Duration: 00:01:48

Lesbian Short Movie, Saliwa

skwala Productions presents “SALIWA”

Directed by: Shanice Ang

Castor: Jaszmine Ke, Jaszel Sibuyo, Ghio Reyes

Production Staff:

Asst. Director: Raphael Cruz
Production & Location Manager: Faye Panela
Production & Costume Designer: Ronette Labog
Writer & 2nd Asst. Director: Liezl
Director of Photography & Script continuity: Sarah Abalos
Editor & Sound Director: Kenneth Baguio

A Film Submitted as Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for the Course Emmanuel Dela Cruz
Far Eastern University

Date: 2016-03-04 02:37:36
Duration: 00:08:57

If The Air Hostesses Were Drag Queens

How boring the airplane safety instructions … But what if they were explained by three fabulous drag queens? This is what happens on the imaginary Priscilla Airlines, at the rhythm of Let’s have a kiki from the Scissor Sisters. The video is the final graduation project from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (theme: the branding of an LGBT airline) by the Israeli Elia Chechick. So here is the plane of dreams, where passengers have unicorn-shaped backpacks and where, instead of the oxygen mask, dildos drop on the other. Simply brilliant.

Gay Short Film, Why Does God Hate Me?

Why Does God Hate Me, is a coming-of-age Gay Short Film comedy about Matthew, a 14-year-old boy living in a very religious town, whose best friend Ester tries to ‘cure’ him of being gay. But a trip to San Francisco shows Matthew that he might not be the one who needs curing.
Date: 2016-03-23 05:38:33
Duration: 00:16:32

Facebook 2015 Year In Review, The 10 Events of The Year In A Video

The refugee crisis. The massacre of Charlie Hebdo and the attacks of a month ago in Paris. The earthquake in Nepal and the crisis in Greece. But also the victory of gay marriage in various parts of the world, including Ireland and the United States. 2015 is ending and Facebook draws conclusions in a video with a high rate of emotion, with the most commented and shared events of the year, and among these there is the new awareness of LGBT rights that has pervaded social networks, starting with 26 million people who put the profile photo with the rainbow filter.

If Dad Uses Tinder Instead Of Gay Son

What does Tinder have to do with the election? In this Canadian spot to encourage young people to vote (in Canada there are elections on October 19) we see the dad of a gay boy taking possession of his smartphone and his Tinder account and even combining an appointment with his son.

But which is different from what it seemed …

An Ordinary Day In The Life Of Two Gay Dads

What does it mean to be a family? Something very complicated but also very, very simple. This video created by Gays With Kids (an organization that offers support to single-parent couples) takes us into the life of Corey and Rocco, a gay couple from New York and their son Forge.

An ordinary Sunday between baby food, pampering, games in the garden and a visit to the grandparents. The peaceful serenity of a family full of love.

Doesn’t it melt your heart?

Gay Advertising Video, KOHL’s Christmas Spot

Nothing like American kitsch is able to “normalize” everything. To make the new digestible to the average citizen who can send it down like a sip of Cocacola. We also see it in the marriage proposals, where the spectacularity prevails over the fact that the couple is made up of people of the same sex.
Then take a gay couple, put two beautiful sweaters on them and place it at the Christmas dinner, with the aunt the children and the inevitable dogs. Christmas, for an American, the party that embodies the idealization of the perfect family, all smiles and turkeys in the oven and hideous decorations on the fireplace. Around this east / ethics, American culture has persistently rotated since the 1950s(who does not have a family to spend Christmas with is a failure). Yet in this society, at least in a large part of it, the opening to the “new” is stronger than in Italy where, for some years, we have discovered that there is an alleged “traditional family” opposed to the others. In short, here in the Christmas spot of Kohl – department stores and obligatory stop for Christmas shopping – a gay couple appears, perfectly covered with the golden patina of the aforementioned aesthetic.
In spite of everything, sweet and moving. A sign that, in fact, American kitsch works.

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