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Punishment For The Tv Series That Includes Gay Relationships

Turkey, The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) was given the highest rate of administrative fines and program interruptions to Fox Life channel because of the “Jane The Virgin” series, which included homosexual relationships.

According to the statement made by RTÜK, at the last meeting of the Supreme Council, Jane The Virgin series was discussed because of “neglecting national and moral values, and adversely affecting the physical and spiritual development of children and young people”.

Considering that as the frequency of gay relationships on the screen increases, children and young people normalize these relationships, become insensitive, and that the moral values ​​of the society deteriorate, the highest rate of administrative fines and program interruptions were imposed on the Fox Life channel.

On the other hand, RTÜK applied administrative penalty and 5 times program stop sanction on the channel of Mega Suare, which promotes and sells sexual performance enhancing products with a health declaration.

In addition, administrative fines were imposed on One Bal TV, fake herbal products, different TV, World Beauty Channel, Maksim TV, Mega Music, Hazan TV and Berat TV.

NTV – 13.06.2019