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Chinese Treatments To “Heal” Homosexuality

The Chinese Psychiatric Association has de-registered homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses for 15 years, and homosexuality itself is not a crime in China. Still, many clinics still offer treatments to “heal” from this “condition”.

The social and cultural stigma against homosexuals is still strong. For Chinese parents, the most important thing is that their children make them grandparents.
As John, a Chinese LGBT activist in this video, explains to us, for a Chinese person to come out with their parents is the most difficult thing.

The British Channel 4 has made a documentary in which a courageous Chinese LGBT activist has infiltrated one of the clinics that promise, with shock treatments, to “heal” homosexuality. The treatments people are subjected to in this clinic are horrifying and are IN fact dangerous. For example, there are various forms of electroshock – performed on different parts of the body – which should, in theory, make the patient associate a negative stimulus with the sexual impulse towards people of the same sex.

We can see the result in this trailer.