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This Procedure Can Help Trans Men “One Day”.

A 36-year-old man who was born testicular in Belgrade received a testicular transplant from his twin brother to help his body produce his own testosterone and sperm. Both of them now have a testicle and the recipient’s testosterone level is normal.

Doctors say that in such third surgeries around the world, trans women with their testicles can be applied to transfer men.

Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic said that since both men have the same genetic makeup, drugs that suppress the immune system are not necessary to prevent their bodies from rejecting tissue. He says that if the donor is a foreigner, he can have surgery after a drug transplant to prevent his body from rejecting foreign tissue.

Although it is rare for a man to be born without a testicle, Dr. According to Djordjevic, testicular transplantation can also be used on “accident victims, injured soldiers, cancer patients” and trans men.

Dr. Djordjevic, the rejection of donor tissue there are many reasons He also said: “He developed a surgical plan to transplant a penis into an anatomically female body. To the New York Times According to him, he is considering starting these operations for a few years. “