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Gay Friendly Safest Countries For LGBT Travelers

Attitudes towards lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender travelers (LGBT) around the world can vary widely in many countries. However, if you prepare well and research your destination before you go, you won’t have any problems.


Norway ranks first among the countries that grant everyone the same rights. Nature activities are paramount when you are looking for bars and cultural events Oslo It can be found in big cities like Bergen and Trondheim.


In 2010 Portugal became the sixth European country through the legalization of gay marriage. Although there are some prejudices against LGBTs, the Algarve’s major tourist cities like Lisbon, Porto and Faro, Lagos, Albufeira and Tavira have a dynamic gay scene with gay bars, nightclubs and beaches.


Brussels is the LGBT capital of Belgium. All important sights are in the city center, directly behind the town hall. Gay marriage and adoption are legal in Belgium. This explains why homosexuals like to live in Brussels. It is easy to find LGBT facilities in the city as they use Rainbow Day.

4. UK

It is one of the most inviting countries in the world. Twelve different festivals take place here every year. You will find up to hundreds of queer pubs and gay-friendly hotels here.


Finland is a country where you do not experience discrimination. When you’re here Companies that accept LGBT + people You can browse.

6. France

France. The largest country in Europe offers everything from mountains to beaches, breathtaking cities and vibrant gay culture. For your evaluation I’ll leave you a great site.


Canada has long supported the LGBT community and has been the fourth country to legalize same-sex marriages nationwide since 2005. It’s no surprise that some of the world’s largest and most famous LGBT events take place in the country every year.

Ibiza Gay Beach Club

In rural areas, homosexuals are rather inconspicuous, but more open in cities. There are quite a few gay places in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Sitges, Torremolinos and Ibiza.


Sweden has hosted Europride three times in three years, both in Stockholm and Gothenburg. ÜNo matter where you are in the country, no matter where you come from, what you love or your interests, it is a place where you are really welcome.

10. Malta

Malta, a small island nation, is a great Mediterranean destination for gay travelers. The popular gay club chain AXM has a franchise here in the lively city of Saint Julian. You can find most gay locations here.


Gay tourism in New Zealand is not as highly regarded as in some other developed countries, but the LGBT communities in Auckland and Wellington stand out. The adoption of gay couples was also legalized in 2013.


The Netherlands was the first country to legalize marriage in 2001. You can always feel safe when you live and travel in the Netherlands. However, you can still be discriminated against in some segments. Apart from wolf whistling, nothing violent happens to you.


If you are on your way to Denmark, remember that Copenhagen is the LGBT + friendly city. We can say that almost every hotel is LGBTQ friendly.


The South African Constitution is one of the few countries in the world that explicitly prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Despite the constitutional freedom, it will take some time before society changes in the direction of acceptance of the conservative sections. South Africa travel guide


Ireland allowed homosexuals to marry in 2015. Traveling to Ireland is usually easy, regardless of your sexual orientation or identity, you can walk safely on the streets.


There are many options in Australia, from first-class beaches and unspoiled nature to a sophisticated food and beverage scene and vibrant cities. LGBT + travelers can be assured of a warm welcome.


Uruguay is considered the most LGBT-friendly country in Latin America. It was the first Latin American country to recognize homosexual unions in 2008, and gay marriage was legalized in 2013. Throughout the country LGBT friendly companies I suggest you check the list.


If you want to see the Northern Lights, you have to come here. A country against discrimination that protects homosexual rights.


Colombia is one of the most popular places in South America and the capital is home to an ever-growing gay scene.


Austria is a country with a breathtaking alpine landscape and a world-famous musical heritage. The gay community in Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck is more. , places You can browse.