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Taiwan is The First Asian Country to Legalize Gay Marriage

Taiwan Gay Marriage

The Taiwanese parliament has accepted the legalization of same-sex marriages, and Taiwan was the first Asian country to take this step.

In 2017, the country’s constitutional court ruled that gay couples had the right to marry and gave Parliament two years to make this decision.

After discussing three different bills to legalize gay associations in Parliament before the end of May 24, the government’s most advanced bill has been submitted for approval.

During the vote, hundreds of gay rights supporters gathered outside Parliament in the capital, Taipei.

Human rights defenders hugged each other happily when the result was announced.

But conservative opponents of the law are angry with the outcome.

What does the invoice contain?

In the other two projects, prepared by conservative parliamentarians, homosexual associations are called “homosexual family relationships” or “homosexual relationships” and not “marriage”.

However, the government’s bill, which to some extent includes the right to adopt a child, was approved by 66 votes to 27.

The bill will be approved after the signing of President Tsai Ing-wen.

Some gay rights advocates have said that the only text they can accept is the accepted bill.

How was this point reached?

In 2017, the Taiwan Constitutional Court ruled that gay couples have the right to legally marry.

He then gave two years to make the necessary changes.

However, this decision has been publicly implemented and the government has organized a series of referendums on the subject.

The results of the referendum showed that the majority of Taiwanese are against gay marriages and, in the public vote, marriage was defined as a “union between men and women”.

As a result, Taiwan announced that it would not change the definition of marriage in civil law and that a special law for same-sex marriages would be enacted.

What is the situation compared to other countries in the region?
Taiwan is one of the main Asian countries in the field of gay rights and LGBTI groups from regional countries participate in the honor march in Taipei.

The celebration of gay marriages in Vietnam in 2015 was legalized, but these marriages did not give it legal status.

Gay marriages are illegal in China, but the country removed homosexuality from the crime in 1997 and removed it from the list of mental illnesses three years later.

In other Asian countries, a more tolerant attitude towards LGBT is advocated.

In India, the Supreme Court removed homosexual relationships from crime in September 2018.

However, in April of last year, Brunei introduced sharia law to predict homosexual relationships and punish adultery.


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